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Lady slapped and robbed by traffic robbers along Eko birdge shares photos from the incident

Lady slapped and robbed by traffic robbers along Eko birdge shares photos from the incident

A Nigerian lady, Dara took to her IG page to share her experience after she was slapped, injured and dispossessed of her personal belonging along Eko bridge by traffic robbers.

According to her, the incident occurred around 6:30am on April 11, 2017. She shared photos from the incident and wrote; 
 I got robbed on Eko bridge.
Not the beginning of eko bridge, Not the end of eko bridge but RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF EKO BRIDGE!
Today I have mercilessly slapped around, harmed and beaten.
Today, a fellow human being beat me up so bad because I refused to give them what I worked so hard for.
Today, a fellow human being derived joy in stripping me of my hard earned money, bag and personal belongings.
Today, a fellow youth looked at me, considered me a prey and broke my glass windows to rob me and went batshit crazy when I won’t drop my phone or car keys.

Thank you my Nigerian government for doing nothing about the menace that these trailers on eko bridge are causing that caused so much traffic at 6.30am which allowed these miscreants to achieve their evil plans

Thank you my Nigerian government for finally making me lose hope in looking forward to a better Nigeria.

And most of all, Thank you Lagos Government and Lagos Police for lying to us about safeguarding this bridge, thereby giving us false hope that we were somehow safe.

And for those thieves, I wish upon you Zechariah 5:3, Galatians 6:7 and most of all Proverbs 3:33!! Amen! #Lagos
Lady slapped and robbed by traffic robbers along Eko birdge shares photos from the incident
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Popular Nollywood actor, Tony Aleg, has died

Popular Nollywood actor, Tony Aleg, has died

Veteran Nollywood actor and artistic Director, Tony Aleg popularly known as Green Onions, has died. According to reports, the actor who has been ill for sometime, died yesterday April 13th.
His friends have taken to social media to mourn him. May his soul rest in peace, Amen.
Popular Nollywood actor, Tony Aleg, has died
Popular Nollywood actor, Tony Aleg, has died
Popular Nollywood actor, Tony Aleg, has died

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Toyin Abraham's ex-husband, Adeniyi Johnson set to wed actress Seyi Edun, see his pre-wedding photos

Toyin Abraham

Actor Adeniyi Johnson who is actress Toyin Abraham's ex-husband, is set to wed soon. After his marriage to Toyin crashed in 2015, Niyi started dating another actress, Oluwaseyi Edun who will be is wife pretty soon.
 See more of their pre-wedding photos below

Toyin Abraham

Toyin Abraham

Toyin Abraham
Toyin Abraham
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Video: Chinese man ordered to pick trash from the gutter after littering it in Ghana

Video:?Chinese man ordered to pick trash from the gutter after littering it in Ghana

This video that has gone viral on social media shows a Chinese man who was ordered to pick trash from the gutter after littering it with an empty beverage can in Ghana.  

See the video below.

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President Buhari’s re-election chances are as tall as El-Rufai - Reno Omokri

President Buhari?s re-election chances are as tall as El-Rufai - Reno Omokri

Read the piece by Reno below...

It is no longer news that President Buhari has declared his interest to seek a second term in office, much to the secret chagrin of his side kick, Malam Nasir El-Rufai, who, though he feigns delight at the President’s decision, is secretly disappointed. His over ambition is very well known in power circles and he was hoping that the President would stand down and instead pick him as his proxy.

But that is not my focus for this piece. My focus is the reason the President gave for wanting to be re-elected President.

A statement released by the Presidency, “the President said he was responding to the clamour by Nigerians to re-contest in 2019.”

Notice the language. The President is not running because he has a good record of achievement (he does not). He is not running because he has plans to implement (again, he does not). He is also not running because he has unfinished projects to complete.

President Buhari instead is running because of the “clamour by Nigerians”. But who are these Nigerians?

The mistake people in the South of Nigeria make is to believe that President Buhari is still popular in his Northwest base. That is a fallacious assumption and I can prove it.

On February 16, 2018, after gunmen butchered his citizens like chicken in Zurmi, Governor Abdulaziz Yari said;

“I feel let down facing the people of this state whenever I remember the promise I made to them that when they elect President Muhammadu Buhari into power, these killings will end. But unfortunately, things are now getting worse.”

Those sentiments represent the feelings of the ordinary people of the Northwest with regard to President Buhari. 

Obviously, from the comments of the Governors of Benue and Taraba states as well as the recent earth shattering statement by TY Danjuma, even the most pollyannaish supporter of President Buhari knows he has lost the North Central and huge swathes of the Northeast.

Contrary to pedestrian Southern opinions about Northern Nigerians, they are not just masses of sheeples who will support any Northerner no matter his performance. They are not masochists. They have compared their present lot to what it used to be under Jonathan and they have found Buhari wanting.

At the risk of repeating a very popular meme, sai Buhari! has turned to chai Buhari in the North!

In every sphere of the human development index, the Buhari administration has fared worse, much worse than the Jonathan government.

In every measurable index of government performance, the Buhari regime has paled when compared to the Jonathan administration.

On May 29, 2015, when President Buhari took over from former President Jonathan, the Nigerian economy was buoyant and had just been projected as the third fastest growing economy in the world after China and Qatar. Inflation was at a single digit rate of 8.7%. We had had a consistent year over year annual GDP growth rate of over 6% and the Naira had been stable for four years at ?150 to $1 and in the fifth year (2015) had moved slightly to ?199 to $1. Fuel was ?87 per liter and our food import bill had dramatically reduced.

However, after three years of Buhari in the saddle, Nigeria has had a recession, her first in 25 years. We were not even featured in the top 15 fastest growing economies in Africa talk less of the world. Inflation moved to double digits. The value of Naira tanked to the extent that Bloomberg listed it as the worst performing currency in the world in 2016 and one of the worst performing currencies of 2017. The price of petrol was increased from ?87 per liter to ?145 per liter under the guise that fuel subsidy had been stopped, only to find out that the government had continued paying the subsidy but had hidden it by disingenuously renaming it under recovery!

In the area of security, Nigeria which on May 29, 2016 was the fourth most terrorized nation in the world according to the Global Terrorism Index had by 2018 become the third most terrorized nation in the world according to the same index. Death by herdsmen had increased in occurrence and Boko Haram, which President Buhari had boasted was ‘technically defeated’ was managing to still storm military formations and kidnap school girls.

But it is in the area of anti corruption that the Buhari administration had proven to be a huge disappointment. He had been sold to Nigerians by Momoh and his ilk as a man of integrity who was incorruptible. Well, the facts don’t lie. According to Transparency International, Nigeria is now more corrupt under Buhari than ever before.

Whereas we were at 136 in Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index when Buhari assumed power in 2015, according to TI, Nigeria has retrogressed so badly in the anti corruption war, that we are now moved 12 places backward to 148.

So with these facts in mind, it is not surprising that Buhari is refusing to run on his record.

Recently, some of the President’s supporters have found it difficult to sustain the comparison of their principal’s performance with that of former President Jonathan, so they have shifted base and now say that President Buhari’s three years in office as a civilian President has yielded more benefits to Nigeria than the eight years of former President Obasanjo.

Let us interrogate that assertion factually. In Obasanjo's eight years in office as President of Nigeria, he paid off Nigeria's entire foreign debt of $30 billion. But in three years, Buhari has borrowed more money than all the governments in the last 16 years combined.

Under Obasanjo, Nigeria moved from a poor nation to a middle income nation. Under Buhari, Nigeria had her first recession in 25 years.

So what rationale can anyone have for making the preposterous claim that Buhari has outperformed Obasanjo?

Even Buhari himself knows such claims can not stand before Nigerians. I mean, look at what happened when he declared his second term ambition.

President Buhari declared his intention to contest the Presidency for a second term and the Nigerian stock market crashed. Investors are taking their money and leaving Nigeria.

And would you blame them? Even Buhari himself left Nigeria after declaring. He knew what his declaration had done to Nigeria. No one wants to hang around when the air is polluted. And what Buhari did on the day he declared is to pollute Nigeria!

Nigeria needs a breath of fresh air in 2019. We do not need someone who pollutes the economic, political and social air over Nigeria and then runs to his United Kingdom base to leave us to breath the air he polluted!

I am a spiritually inclined man, and I know that there are significance beyond the natural to names, dates and figures.

It is a good thing that it was Nasir El-Rufai who first announced President Muhammadu Buhari’s second term because the President’s chances of being re-elected are as tall as El-Rufai.

In fact, it is more than good. It is almost prophetic that the President chose to announce his second term through El-Rufai. Rearrange the name El-Rufai and you find that the same letters that make up the word failure, make up the name El-Rufai.

Just like Lai Mohammed’s destiny is to lie for Buhari, so El-Rufai’s destiny is to prophesy Buhari's failure! A man whose supporters cannot declare one thing he has initiated and completed has declared us all fools by this second term declaration.

Right now, the man who declared his second term ambition is in the United Kingdom. He went there a full 10 days before the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting. We are not fools. We know why he went there so early. No one declares for a second term and absconds like he has done. No one.

How long will we keep having leaders who only use Nigerian medical facilities for the veterinary treatment of their dogs and other domestic and farm animals but only use foreign hospitals for themselves and their loved ones at public expense? Is this the change we were promised?

This is a question we will answer next year, and I have this warm fuzzy feeling that President Buhari may not like Nigeria’s answer to that question.
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Would Nigeria have been a better country if the British colonists remained?

 Would Nigeria have been a better country if the British colonists remained?

Looks like most Nigerians think the country would have fared better with the presence of the colonial masters.
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If the president of Nigeria does not pay me $100k, I'll post screenshots - APC Twitter account hacker threatens

If the president of Nigeria does not pay me $100k, I

The official Twitter account of Nigeria's ruling party APC has been hacked and the hacker is making threats and demanding money.

Below are screenshots of his threats demanding 100k in Bitcoin.

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Actress, Mide Martins celebrates her birthday with stunning new photos

Actress, Mide Martins celebrates her birthday with stunning new photos

Actress, Mide Martins turned a year older today and shared these new photos to mark the day. More photos below:
Actress, Mide Martins celebrates her birthday with stunning new photos
Actress, Mide Martins celebrates her birthday with stunning new photos
Actress, Mide Martins celebrates her birthday with stunning new photos
Actress, Mide Martins celebrates her birthday with stunning new photos
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Court remands couple in Kirikiri Prison over alleged forgery of bank cheque

Court remands couple?in Kirikiri Prison over alleged forgery of bank cheque

Today, an Ikeja Magistrates’ Court remanded a cohabiting couple, Patrick Nana, 35, and Ifeoma Alexander, 39, who allegedly forged a First Bank cheque with an intent to withdraw a sum of N98, 000.  

The Chief Magistrate, Mrs O.IRaji, granted the accused bail in the sum of N150, 000 each with two sureties each in like sum. Raji said the sureties should be gainfully employed with an evidence of two years tax payment to the Lagos State Government.  

“The accused should remain in Kirikiri Prisons pending when the bail conditions would be met,” she said. The accused, who are residing at No. 31 Unity Estate, Giwa, Oke-Aro in Lagos, are facing a five-count charge bothering on conspiracy, forgery, fraud and false pretences.  

The prosecutor, Insp Rachael Williams said the accused committed the offences on March 23 at First Bank, Iju Road, Lagos. Williams said the accused with others still at large, conspired to commit felony by stealing one slip of First Bank cheque, with an account name, Soluade Olawale.  

“The accused fraudulently procured the execution of valuable security to withdraw the sum of N98, 000 from the account of Soluade Olawale,” the prosecutor said. The duo, however, pleaded not guilty to the charges.

The offences contravened sections 314, 322, 329, 365 and 411 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State, 2015 (Revised).  Section 314 prescribes a 15-year jail term for false pretences, while Section 411 provides two years for conspiracy.  However, the magistrate adjourned the case until April 19.
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Nigerian journalist, Salkida, reveals that only 15 out of the remaining 112 abducted Chibok girls are alive

Nigerian journalist, Salkida, reveals that only 15 out of the remaining 112?abducted Chibok girls are alive

A Nigerian journalist, Ahmad Salkida ‏with links to the Islamist group Boko Haram has claimed only 15 out of the 112 missing Chibok girls are still alive.  

Ahmad Salkida said he had negotiated for the release of the girls on behalf of the government. Several opportunities to have them released were missed, Salikda said.

Salkida said the administration of former President Goodluck Jonathan had asked him to negotiate for the release of the Chibok schoolgirls two weeks after they were abducted. He said he had arranged for a prisoner swap on five occasions, but delays from the then government led to a breakdown in negotiations.

Follow his tweets below...
1/ Four years ago, a middle ranking BH commander led dozens of fighters in search of food and other supplies in the remote town of Chibok, like an afterthought, they saw a chance to abduct school girls in GSS Chibok, the girls at the time were preparing for their exams.
2/ The dozens of BH fighters faced no opposition during the abductn, as they struggled to convey their captives to the forest of Alagarno, the insurgent's first war capital, which they named Timbuktu. It was in Timbuktu that they organised most of the horror we experience today.
3/ Some of the girls were lucky to have escaped on their way to Timbuktu that night, because there were fewer fighters to hold more than 200 girls. At the beginning, the group didn't know what to do with the girls, at least, not in the first one month of their captivity.
4/ However, what many people did not know was that two weeks into the abduction, the Jonathan administration was already in touch with me for the peaceful release of the girls. By the way, I was in self-exile after pressure from the same Govt..
5/ I took an excuse where I was doing a menial job in the UAE (but still reporting the insurgency), to see the president, which was facilitated by Aliyu Gebi and Labaran Maku. By the 3rd of May, I was already on my way from Abuja to Madagali, Marwa and finally to a BH camp.
6/ I got a proof of life for the president and another for the media in case I didn't get back. The demands of BH then were simple, they wanted detained members taken to Damaturu and they will move the girls to Buniyardi for swap somewhere in between. There was no word on ransom
7/ I was provided with full military escorts frm Abj to Damaturu, Govt was supposed to make sure that 70 detainees were ready on my arrival in Damaturu to meet 30 there. The rest of the negotiating team was in Abj making sure the prisoners were on a plane before my arrival...
8/ On arrival in Damaturu, the military commander there was not briefed about my work. He was merely told to expect a VIP? At that time, the girls have been moved by BH, but there was no prisoners for exchange and I got a call from the former CDS to abort the operation.
9/ The president later said before me that he did not call off the swap. There was a credible window, but zero Will to rescue the girls. BH were angry. I returned to the UAE to continue my hustle, but received invitatns not only by the former administratn, but the current govt.
10/ 4 out of 5 process that I was involved in, we came close to a swap deal, but Govt in most instances did not provide the platform I presented with the required expertise. And whenever Govt dragged its feet, Shekau will shift the goal post.
11/ I continued my reporting on the crisis, often critical of govt & BH, with both sides raising concerns. For me, I am a reporter before anything else, many officials consider me as somebody who was too independent minded for a process that needs to be shrouded in secrecy.
12/ Govt began to look for alternatives to conclude what I've started & my former couriers stepped in as the primary 'negotiators.' It was a break for me bcz it is no longer negotiations, but mere transaction. Another reason was my insistence that the process must be domesticated
13/ I was a prickle in the flesh of our leadrs wt my counter claims of official narratives. A day after I exclusivly released a video of the girls, something I'v done in the past, I was declared wanted by same military tht provided me wt escorts, military aircraft for assignmnts
14/ I was amazed to learn later that the terms that saw the release of some of the girls was unfavourable than what I presented, but as my friend will say, even if we come up with a cure for cancer, the war economy and elites would rather die than accept a cure from a talaka.
15/ Today, my painstaking investigations on the revealed that just a handful of the 113 are alive. Many of the girls have died as a result of cross fires and bombardments of the security forces that no doubt were intent on rescuing them.
16/ I regret to state here that only 15 out of the 113 are alive today, based on my investigations in the last 3 months and we have already seen some of them in a video, which I exclusively obtained and was published on SR website.
17/ What is the status of the remaining 15 girls as far as negotiations are concerned? My investigations also revealed that, they are no longer under the control of . According to sources, they are now 'married' and only their 'husbands' can decide their fates.
18/ If they are divorced or the men are killed that is when Shekau's decision takes precedence, and in this instance, since the girls have been indoctrinated, their leader has no right to negotiate for their release, no matter the ransom offered, reliable multiple sources said.
19/ It will be unbearable to share the names of the 15 that are alive here, this is the responsibility of Govt. When I was involved I regularly provided proof of life. Govt must demand that to prove me wrong or stop negotiating for many of the girls that don't exists... 😢
20/ The secrecy around the condition of the and most recent debacle by those involved is the reason people like me are out of the picture. The fact remains that under the present circumstances there is NO room for peace settlement.
21/ The way out for these girls, is a military rescue or negotiate wt individual captors to release their 'wives' in return for some kind of deal, but this will mean death to these fighters bcz the terror group now sees the girls as part of their own and must be protected.
22/ How comes there is little or no information about the girls and both the parents and campaigners are in the dark? Because, Govt resist independent reporting of the crisis, most of the reports are choreographed & Nigerians are also not ready to hear the truth or stand by it.
23/ Reporting the is not just a job for me, Borno is my home, this crisis has affected me too. I'v invested 13yrs of my 18yrs journalism career to follow this story in a way no reporter or researcher has done, hence my knowledge of this crisis can't be dismissed.
24/ I'v risked my life and that of my family in the past and even now, not only to tell the story, but to play the role of a mediator and fact finder. But as soon as the FG found alternatives, my sacrifices got an official ridicule and I am being hounded.
25/ I hold no other intention of doing this than the need to stir a debate to demand more insights and bring closure to the parents. The nation must not fail you from rescuing your daughters and also fail to tell you the truth.

26/ My heartfelt condolences to the parents of the near 100 that have perished or have not returned home and apparently not with their captors. But you must always remember that your daughters were stronger than the rest of us that couldn't do more to avert this catastrophe.
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