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Tonto Dikeh wishes herself a happy Father's Day as Churchill wishes himself same

Tonto Dikeh wishes herself a happy Father

Tonto Dikeh and Churchill seem to be dragging for who is King Andre's father as they have both wished themselves a happy Father's Day on social media.
Churchill first shared photos of  himself and his son and said he's a proud father.
He wrote: "Dear Lord, your gifts are many. Am thankful for of the greatest gift you have given is the gift of my dear son.Thank you for his life,dear Lord ,watch over him everyday,may he be safe and free from harm,as he goes about each day.Bless him through life’s him choose right from wrong.An example be,for all to see,standing tall and proud and strong. AM A PROUD FATHER LOVE YOU SON. KING ANDRE OMODAYO CHURCHILL."

Tonto Dikeh wishes herself a happy Father

Shortly after, Tonto Dikeh shared a lengthy post wishing herself a happy Father's Day while also teaching men how to be good fathers.
She wrote:
It's Father's Day and I wish Me and every man trying his best to be a good father, a Happy Father's Day. Being a father is a tough job as a matter of fact you NEED to be anointed to function in the role of a father and these are the things I want to discuss today. 
There are men who impregnated a woman and gave birth to a child but they are not fathers because they have not been able to provide for the mother and child. When you think of all the bills you have to pay to take care of your family you will realise that fatherhood is not for boys. 
To be a productive father you must go after the anointing and I will teach you how. The anointing guarantees that you can take care of your family very well and still have excess. How do you get anointed as a father?

1. Fear God: The bible says in Psalm 37:25 "
I was young and now I am old, yet I have never seen the righteous forsaken or their children begging bread." Righteous doesn't mean someone who looks holy, it is the person who works out godly principles. 
2. Give: Giving is God's nature, if your children's school fees is 200k and you have never given up to that amount before you always hustle their school fees. It is what you give that you can command. You MUST increase your giving if you want to be a good father. 
3. Stay away from strange women: You can't be a good father if you are sleeping around. You will start spending the money you are supposed to use to take care of your children on gold diggers. 
4. Take care of your family and God will take care of you. ALWAYS put them first. If you make sure your children and wife don't lack anything, God will make sure you don't lack anything too.
5.Emotional invest in your Childrens life,Your availability in your Childrens life is extremely important..Get to know your kids,Be friends with them,create a bond with them,build their self confidence with Love,Teach them to Love in Gods way..
A father has a major role to play in a child’s/children life... As you begin to function like this, God will put a special grace on you to raise your children properly in Jesus name. 
Tonto Dikeh wishes herself a happy Father
Tonto Dikeh wishes herself a happy Father

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