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John Shaibu’s UNBROKEN' emerges 2018 Book of the Year

John Shaibu?s UNBROKEN

Unbroken; Channeling the Power of the Mind, an inspirational book written by ace motivational speaker, John Onche Shaibu, has been named Book of the Year in the recently-held Kor Bara Kor Foundation dinner and award night.

The award came barely three months after he bagged the Tech Icon of the Year’s award at the Stakerrs Pan African Awards held in Lagos.

Shaibu, a renowned motivational speaker, writer and idealist delivers success strategies and inspires youths driven by love within and outside the shores of this great country constantly striving for positivity amongst others.

He is also an author of so many inspiring and positive mind-building literary works.

According Kor Bara Kor Foundation, organizers of the award, the 207-paged book, emerged winner above other nominees after a thorough screening by critics. The book, from the stables of Sapient Hadassah’s Touch Limited, according to the organizers has answers to many questions bordering of issues of life.

Speaking shortly after receiving the prestigious award at Sheraton Hotel and Towers, Abuja, Shaibu, an engineer by profession said he was inspired to pen the book with the aim of exposing the mind to the key that unlocks a rich and vibrant life.

He said, “Owing to a myriad of reasons, it is becoming increasingly difficult to go through one day without coming in contact with at least one man or woman who lashes out at us with obvious frustrations and negative energy oozing out of their being.

 “Dozens of people are broken on account of the economic situation, personal issues or even health related challenges that they face.

“The irate boss, the impatient colleague, the scowling neighbour or even the cranky motorist who bellows at you as you meander across the streets, have become a side dish for every day we are served.

“The human mind is capable of doing so many great things but when man loses control of his mind, he is reduced to a mere mortal who is regulated by his environment. The control of the mind can be regarded as the first intellectual step to self-awareness.

“Whatever the mind thinks and conceives it attracts and creates. Therefore, anything we experience is a reflection of what goes on in our minds. Open your mind to possibilities and opportunities, and you will be amazed how positive ideas on how to live well will begin to flow towards you. Take positive action on those ideas and you will attract all round prosperity.

 “Your mind holds the key to unlocking a rich and vibrant life. Drain your heart of fears that are unfounded and learn to listen to that positive voice that attempts to calm your mind. As you persist on that path, channeling the power of your mind, you will eventually be a success. Stay unbroken; be the best.”
The author also told Rachel Bakam of the Rachel the Piper Show, that, “It’s a book that focuses on awareness, empowerment and strategic thinking. Without awareness, there is no clarity of purpose. Without direction there is no proper alignment.”

In another development, the writer would be hosting a youth empowerment programme next weekend.

 The event, which is tagged working hands challenge: fashion edition award ceremony is powered by JOHN SHAIBU YOUTH EMPOWERMENT INITATIVE is slated for Saturday 30th  June in Lagos, Nigeria.

Shaibu also motivates his teeming followers and mentees through his self-titled blog at www.blog.johnshaibu.com 

The awe-inspiring book is available for purchase on www.okadabook.com 

Below is the review of the book.

Book: Unbroken: Channeling the power of the mind
Publisher: Sapient Hadassah’s Touch Limited
Author: John Onche Shaibu
PP: 207
Year: 2018

The book, Unbroken: Channeling the power of the mind x-rays the importance of mind in human life.

It reveals that a mind is an untapped resource that can make one successful or confine one to a life of misery, an affirmation that the world is not viewed with one’s eyes but with mind. One interesting thing is John’s focus on the youth. He speaks directly to the younger generation in his debut literary work. He urges them to sit up and help rescue the nation from the brink of destruction.

The writer in the book exposes the danger of negative thoughts and low esteem. According to him, in order to make changes in one’s life, one must change the way one use your mind.

The author chapterized the book into 11 segments with subheadings.

In the first chapter sub-titled, You are a human, the writer believes that the mind plays an important role in achieving every kind of success and goal, minor, everyday goals or major goals. “Your thoughts, which are part of your mind, possess power. The thoughts that you most often think tend to come true…” he noted.
He summed it up thus, “Your thoughts operate in particular frequency field and whatever is not in the frequency of your thoughts can never affect you…. Use power of your attention and focus good and positive choices.”

He also harped on the need for one to leave one’s past alone and as well leave a guilt-free life.

In the chapter, Shaibu revealed five tantalite signs that maybe eating up the quality of one’s life. He identified those signs as:

  • You void certain people or situations because they trigger shame memories.
  • You say no to opportunities because you believe you don’t deserve them
  • You tighten up or get defensive.
  • You rationalize of make excuses
  • When you play (and replay) the guilty act in your head, it kills your mood and energy leave.

In the second chapter: What defines your happiness, the writer defines happiness as a moral goal of life.   He noted that anyone who abandons his or her mind cannot make the most out of life and this is where large percentage of life falls.

Chapters three and four tagged With love, there are no secret chambers, your future, shaped by your thoughts, Shaibu believes that love is the most powerful emotion a human being can experience. According to him, the word love is used and abused for expression of different sets of feelings.

He also capture the Anisa Aven’s ten ways to manifest one’s dream, such as:

  • keep the end in mind
  • Identify what you want
  • Except your dreams to come true
  • Imagine it in the now
  • Be energy efficient
  • Maintain a laser focus on what you want
  • Be unattached
  • Go on appreciation rampage and preserve attitude of gratitude
  • Let go of the past and follow your heart once and for all
  • Dream big.

Chapters five and six captures the: On breaking the big break and where is your powerhouse? The writer believes that most people struggle with mental health and one can see its manifestation everywhere around one.

He wrote, “The challenge many people struggle with is that they have forgotten who they really are…”

He therefore challenges his readers to “go inside of you and face your fears…”

The sower, the harvest and the reaper in chapter seven, the writer harped on the need for his readers to sow bountifully for a bountiful harvest.

“If you want to reap a harvest, you must first sow (plant) the seed,” he wrote.

 Chapters eight to eleven, the author who recalled his early struggle in life following the demise of his father, challenged his readers not allow any situation pull one down.

Adegbola John
Adegbola John

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