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Final word on the unfortunate Regina Daniels/Frances blackmail story

Final word on the unfortunate Regina Daniels/Frances blackmail story

Last week, teen actress Regina Daniels was accused of blackmailing fellow teenager, Frances, to sleep with a movie producer, otherwise her nude photos will be leaked.
There has been a lot of back and forth on the case and the last we heard, a Regina Daniels impersonator, who has been using fake accounts to perpetrate the crimes, was caught and arrested, and Amanda Chisom who sounded the blackmail alarm was wanted by the police.
Nonso Chukwudebe, the lawyer who Amanda Chisom contacted to help make sure Frances' nude was not leaked has now given the final word on the case.
Read the statement he sent to Linda Ikeji's Blog below.
I spent the best part of yesterday at the Delta state commissioner of police's office where I accompanied Frances ( the victim) and her mum to go tender a petition. The mum happens to be a relative and I had to do what I had to do.

Final word on the unfortunate Regina Daniels/Frances blackmail story
Frances and her mum

After tendering the petition in the commissioners office, Regina's mum came in and a meeting was held by all parties involved.
The mum was naturally angry and told their side of the story which basically said the mastermind behind the blackmail ring and his accomplices were currently under custody.
When I was given an opportunity to speak, I told the house that this issue would not have gotten to this stage if the warning letter sent to Regina's VERIFIED INSTAGRAM account had not found its way to the hands of the blackmailing numbers.

Final word on the unfortunate Regina Daniels/Frances blackmail story

I insisted that since the alleged culprits had been apprehended, it shouldn't be hard for the police to extract that information from the alleged culprits and that we still insist on knowing how it got into their hands.
I told them that it was on the basis of that letter finding its way into the hands of those blackmailing numbers that we were emboldened to alert Nigerians to what was going on in order to forestall the release of the teenage victims nudes.
I can categorically tell you that nothing like arresting Amanda Chisom was raised though the mum was visibly angry at the turn of events.
After a very long deliberation, we reconciled in order to confront our common enemy who had almost succeeded in driving a wedge between us.
The petition was received and duly stamped and would stand as a basis for further investigations to unravel the many unanswered questions.

Final word on the unfortunate Regina Daniels/Frances blackmail story

I can tell you that Frances and Regina met yesterday and all was reconciled.
No mother would be happy seeing her daughters name splashed all over the news but also remember that Frances was given a time frame to do the so-called needful unless her nudes would be everywhere.
It was the need to stop this from happening and seeing that a direct message sent to Regina's VERIFIED Instagram account found its way into the hands of the blackmailers that necessitated our breaking the news to forestall it from happening.
We are dealing with a highly sophisticated blackmail ring and the police are best equipped to untie every knotty ends.
At the end of the day, parents need to take more than a passing glance on what their wards do on social media for I can tell you for free that God saved Frances from Evil.

Final word on the unfortunate Regina Daniels/Frances blackmail story

The horde of people trading blames should take the real lessons from this unfortunate incident.
1. A real case of blackmail against a minor was established.
2. Somebody aided in bringing this case to the front burner ( Amanda Chisom)
3. Culprits have been apprehended and will face Justice.
4. The police are working assiduously to get to the very root of this matter.
5.People are now more aware of the dangers inherent in exposing minors to the many Evils lurking in social media
6. The culprits are to blame for driving a wedge between parties who ordinarily are both victims.
Amanda Chisom made this happen and Nigerians should be grateful to her.
Finally, I met Regina Daniels on set yesterday and her professionalism shone like a million stars.
It was hard to know that this sixteen year old shy actress had just been the victim of a most callous blackmailing ring using her name to extort others.
The story about Amanda Chisom being declared wanted by the police was released in a fit of celebratory anger but I can tell you for free that it is not true.
We said we'd love to know how Amanda's message to her verified Instagram account found its way into the hands of those evil men but we are confident that the police is strongly on top of their game.
I want to thank all those who followed this up and must salute Regina's mum, Rita Daniels for joining hands in resolving this issue.
Again I urge us, please monitor what your teenage wards do on social media for they are exposed to a lot of danger masquerading as the cleanest thing since Angel Gabriel's wings!
Thank you and may God bless and protect our kids from the rampaging onslaught of evil men on social media.

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Reality star Joseline Hernendez looking for Tyrese Gidson's trouble on

Reality star Joseline Hernendez looking for Tyrese Gidson

The actor shared a photo of himself and his wife with sweet words but Joseline had to bring drama in
Reality star Joseline Hernendez looking for Tyrese Gidson
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'Boko Haram leader’s house to be converted into a museum' Borno state government says

The Borno Government says plans are on the way to convert the house of the former leader of Boko Haram sect, Mohammed Yusuf, to a museum. The state Commissioner for Home Affairs, Information and Culture, Mohammed Bulama, disclosed this when he spoke at the 9th National Council for Culture, Tourism and National Orientation held in Dutse, Jigawa recently.
“We are going to convert the house of the leader of the Boko Haram sect Mohammed Yusuf where the insurgency all started from, to a museum. The place is called Maarcas. We want to build a museum there where all the things that had happened relating to the insurgency will be archived. We want to document and archive all that had happened so that our future generation will be able to have first hand information,” he said
The former sect leader and founder of the militant Islamist group, Boko Haram, was killed during a gunfire in 2009. 
The Commissioner alo disclosed that there are plans to turn Sambisa forest to a tourist centre by reviving the already existing games reserve in the forest.
“Last year, Gov. Kashim Shettima made a pronouncement to the effect that every Dec. 22, will be declared a public holiday in Borno because that is the day the military declared that they had captured Ground Zero in Sambisa forest. What we intend to do when stability is fully achieved is to convert the forest into a tourist attraction in order to show the world what has happened. Before insurgency, we used to have a game reserve in the Sambisa forest, we are going to revive that,” he said.
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Diego Maradona wants his daughter to be jailed after accusing her of plotting to steal £3.4million from him

Diego Maradona wants his daughter to be jailed?after accusing her of plotting to steal ?3.4million from him

Football legend, Diego Maradona, has accused his two daughters of stealing £3.4million from him and has called for one of them to be jailed. He also accused his ex-wife of being involved in the alleged theft, alleging they stashed some of the money in Uruguay. He is suing ex-wife Claudia Villafane and daughters Dalma and Giannina. .

The former Barcelona player says his family transferred stolen cash to a bank account in Uruguay and also used his money to buy up property in the USA,Daily Mail reports. Now Maradona's lawyer claims 28-year-old Giannina was in Uruguay for a 'few hours' in August, according to Spanish sports news outlet Marca. The lawyer said: 'I say to you that she has an account in Uruguay, her child takes the money and puts it into another. .

'If that is the case, if there is money there like we think, then there is no option other than to be put in custody.' Giannina responded to the allegation on Twitter, saying: 'They know where I live and they can come when they want. Thanks for all the warm messages. I am fine with myself inside, I have forgiven worse from him and I will do the same now.'

Ms Villafane who stands accused of masterminding the alleged fraud was married to Maradona from 1998 to 2003.   
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Osetigo! Atiku Abubakar shares a photo of his 2019 campaign vehicles

Osetigo! Atiku Abubakar shares a photo of his 2019 campaign vehicles

Two days after his resignation from the ruling APC, Atiku Abubakar seems to have kicked off his 2019 presidential campaign. 

The former Vice President tendered his resignation from APC citing maltreatment by the party and failure of the party to live up to the expectation of Nigerian youth. 

Osetigo! Atiku Abubakar shares a photo of his 2019 campaign vehicles
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Twitter Stories: Lady narrates how armed men stormed church in Imo state, opened fire and kidnapped a man

Twitter Stories: Lady narrates how?armed men stormed church in Imo state, opened fire and kidnapped a man

According to Twitter user @chibelb, during mass today at St. Camillus Catholic Church, Imo State armed men stormed the church. opened fire and kidnapped a man making her to relive her worst moment as her father too was once kidnapped and killed.

See her stppry below...
I went to Church this morning, all of a sudden during mass, armed men jumped into the church & opened fire. it was a horrible experience πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜©
People were running in all directions.. People falling on others and all I could think of was how this would be my last day on earth.. πŸ˜žπŸ˜žπŸ˜ž
Turns out, they armed men came to kidnap a Man.. They beat him mercilessly and dragged him into their car..
Dear Lord, please do what you do best and bring this man back to his family...
It's scary that even the Church is no longer a safe haven. One minute u're in church praising God, the next min. u're running for ur life.
That's the world we live in right??? One step forward and Hundred steps backward.. πŸ˜žπŸ˜ž It's just sad.. We need to do better
It's sad that you'll go to Church and you have to deal with running for your life or getting kidnapped in the house of God... πŸ˜’πŸ’”

9th December 2012, my father was kidnapped and killed.. I still live with the pain.. and today in Church, I had to relive my worst pain...πŸ’”
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