Friday, September 22, 2017

Save yourself little life embarrassing issues by keeping your sh*t on the low - Toyin Lawani advises

Fashion designer/entrepreneur, Toyin Lawani took to Instagram to urge people to keep their relationship from prying eyes by keeping it on the 'low.'
The mother of two said: 'Save yourself little life embarrassing issues by keeping your shit on the low! Everyone is looking out for Everyone's  downfall! #staywoke
She also added that 'Being in A Relationship with you is with you, Not the world, when you learn life lessons, put it to Good use and protect your happiness, Remember once it’s out there ,it’s not yours Anymore?#Bewise.”

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New photos shows Kanye West looking 'Fat'

This are new photos of Kanye West as he was spotted yesterday in Los Angeles and he seems to have added quite a lot of weight.
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Yemi Alade and her behind pose for sexy photos

The singer stepped out in all-white for an interview in London this morning.

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High school teacher accused of having sex with 4 students

A former high school art teacher, Jessie Lorene Goline in Arkansas has been accused of having sex with four students.

According to Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reports, Jessie who taught at Marked Tree High School in northeast Arkansas, was arrested on Wednesday and charged with one count of first-degree sexual assault,

Prosecutors say Goline faces a single charge because only one of the students was younger than 18.The 25 year old teacher, allegedly had sex with the students between January and April of 2016.

During one incident, a student, who was in Goline's class, said she picked him up and took him to her apartment to have sex, and then dropped him back off at Marked Tree High School that day. Goline is accused of having sex with another student on that same day.

Another student said he was dropped off at Goline's apartment in Jonesboro, where they had sex. The fourth student said Goline commented on his looks and reportedly sent him a photo of herself in a thong.Authorities began investigating Goline in April after a parent accused the teacher of having sex with multiple students.
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Army denies report that 7 local governments in Borno are under Boko Haram's control

Press statement from the Nigerian Army below...
The attention of the Headquarters Theatre Command Operation Lafiya Dole has been drawn to a publication in The Guardian newspaper of 21 September 2017 where one Buba Galadima in an interview claimed that ‘Seven Local Governments of Borno State were still under control of Boko Haram terrorists’; even though he failed to furnish members of the public with the names of those Local Government Areas.
Obviously, this sweeping statement is not only an attempt to propagate falsehood but a futile effort to disinform members of the public on the true security situation in the north east from a perspective of one who is evidently detached from the realities of the counter terrorism cum counter insurgency operations in the north east. It is very crucial to set the record straight by making it crystal clear that contrary to his opinions, the Boko Haram Terrorists group does not hold or control any Local Government Area in Borno state or in the north east as claimed in the interview. These Local Government Areas have been liberated by troops of operation Lafiya Dole and the troops have continued to ensure security in these areas after routing out the insurgents. As a matter of fact, locals have been encouraged to return to their communities to resume their vocations and normal life.
It may perhaps be needful to refresh memories by recalling that prior to the inauguration of Operations Lafiya Dole, the entire north east was infested with Boko Haram Terrorists, who became emboldened to the extent of declaring a caliphate with headquarters in Gwoza town. All that became history as the gallant troops of Operation Lafiya Dole came into the theatre, gradually but steadily decimating the insurgents and liberating held territories in a series of well-planned and coordinated joint ground and air operations. One of such major operations was the Operation RESCUE FINALE, which routed the insurgents out of its tactical headquarters in Camp Zeiro in Sambisa forest and out of its so called spiritual headquarters in Alargarno.
Ever since, Operation Lafiya Dole has continued to relentlessly conduct several other operations such as Operation DEEP PUNCH, CHIKIN GUDU Operation and Operation RAWAN KADA alongside the Multinational Joint Task Force. These and many other operations have culminated in the degradation and incapacitation of the insurgent group. Apparently, this is the reason, the terrorist group is striving to remain relevant by resorting to callously use women and children to carry out suicide bomb attacks on soft and vulnerable targets.
Currently, Operation Lafiya Dole in its resoluteness, is carrying out precursor operations that will lead to a final assault to decisively and finally put an end to the insurgency in the north east.
Talking about logistical supplies, Operation Lafiya Dole regularly provides logistical support and replenishment to own troops deployed in all locations and Forward Operational Bases through the normal channels, using our main supply routes. Morealso, Theatre and formation Commanders routinely conduct working visits to troops in their formations and units within the theatre of operation. Hence, the question of troops been inaccessible as portrayed in the said article, is an irredeemable fallacy. Perhaps it is necessary to note that considering the vastness of the north east, Operation Lafiya Dole, aside holding tactical defensive positions to block the insurgents from access to logistics, has also gone ahead to insert Mobile Strike Teams in the theatre of operations to effectively patrol localities as well as seek out and neutralize the insurgents from their hideouts.
Suffice to mention that in the month of August alone, a total of 82 Boko Haram insurgents have been killed in combat and 630 remote settlements were cleared by own troops. Our troops are tirelessly on the trail of the fleeing insurgents as devastating coordinated aerial and artillery bombardments are being unleashed on the terrorist group. Our troops are therefore not waiting only to repel BHT attacks as erroneously painted in the article, but are rather tactically deployed to deny the adversary freedom of action and access to logistics.
Needless to add, that a group of insurgents on the run cannot hold or control any territory. Boko Haram lacks the capability to hold any territory in the north east, hence its mindless attack on innocent and vulnerable civilians with suicide bombings, most of which were made unsuccessful by our vigilant troops.
While not attempting to dismiss the fact that as the fleeing faceless insurgents rummage for logistical replenishment, they occasionally mix up with unsuspecting locals and thereafter attack them. This definitely cannot be described as holding territory, rather, it only simply underscores the need for other relevant agencies to do more to ensure progressive reintegration of the locals into their various communities.
Without sounding immodest, it is worthy to note that the counter terrorism and counter insurgency operations of Operation Lafiya Dole in the north east, has been commended within Nigeria and in the international community, resulting in several high level official visits to the north east by national and international bodies.
While assuring that our focus in Operation Lafiya Dole remains clear and will not be derailed, the general public is urged not be misguided by the insinuations and disinformation contained in the said article as they are devoid of the true and realistic impressions of the security situation in the north east.
You are please requested to disseminate this information through your various news media.
Thank you for your cooperation.
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Pregnant Faryal Makhdoom deletes Twitter apology to Amir Khan after he confirms they're still getting a divorce

Faryal Makhdoom has deleted the Twitter apology she made to her husband and his family after he refuted claims they want to fix their marriage.
Frayl, who is pregnant with the couple's second child, went on Twitter yesterday to apologize to her in-laws. She revealed in the tweet that she wanted to mend things with Amir and start over again because their unborn child did not deserve to come into a broken home.
But after she shared the tweet, Amir took to Twitter to insist that there was no hope of a reconciliation and they'll be going ahead with the divorce.
Faryal must have found it embarrassing and she immediately deleted her apology.
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MTN excites football fans at viewing centres in Lagos and Ibadan

Football enthusiasts were entertained last Sunday at viewing centres in Lagos and Ibadan, while watching the English Premier League match between Arsenal FC and Chelsea FC under the MTN-Arsenal partnership struck earlier this year.

The football fans who thronged theO’jez restaurant inside the National Stadium in Lagos and the Watershed centre,were rewarded with gift items ranging from TV Sets, Modems, Powerbanks etc.

General Manager, Brand & Communications, MTN Nigeria, Richard Iweanoge, gave a sneak peek into what to expect going forward.

“This is set to be an exhilarating season! In addition to surprising fans like this, we have planned a number of offers to keep our customers thrilled. Football lovers will be given the chance to participate in a fantasy football league, be granted access to exclusive Arsenal match chants, wallpapers and caller tunes, and some lucky fans will also win all expense paid trips!’

‘Football is like air to many Nigerians. Through this initiative, we will continue to reward their passion for the game’, he concluded.

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Twitter user calls President Buhari a "Travel Blogger"

Lol...Even her profile photo is funny...
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President Mugabe slams Donald Trump at the United Nations, calls him a Goliath who wants the extinction of other nations

Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe doesn't seem to be a fan of USA President Donald Trump, that is if his speech at the UN general assembly is anything to go by.
While speaking on Thursday night at the ongoing UN general assembly, Mugabe appeared to mock Trump. He called Trump a "Goliath who threatens the extinction of other countries." His statement comes after Trump threatened to "totally destroy" North Korea.
"Some of us were embarrassed, if not frightened, by what appeared to be the return of the biblical giant called Goliath," Mr Mugabe said and claps and cheers followed.
"Are we having a return of Goliath to our midst, who threatens the extinction of other countries?" he asked.
Mugabe continued to admonish Trump to use his influence positively, saying: "Mr Trump, Please blow your trumpet. Blow your trumpet in a musical way towards the values of unity, peace, cooperation, togetherness, dialogue, which we have always stood for and which are well-writ in our very sacred document, the Charter of the United Nations."
He also criticised Mr Trump for withdrawing the US from the Paris accord on climate change.  Mr Mugabe said that there was a need to cooperate to save the world from effects of climate change "in order to halt the inexorable march towards destruction."
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Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, 2face Idibia, Cobhams and more turn up for Love Idoko’s book launch

Popular TV host, Love Idoko made history in Abuja on Friday as she was joined by the vice president, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo and a host of other dignitaries to present a compendium of the first 100 episodes of her popular TV show, Activating Success with Love Idoko.
Activating Success with Love Idoko is a TV programme hinged on inspiring people, especially the younger generation to rise above average living and be the best they could be in the land.
At the unveiling of the book, the VP who was the Special Guest of Honour praised Love Idoko for being an encouraging voice among Nigerian youth. Osinbajo spoke about Nigeria and its abounding talents. “I am impressed about Nigeria and I think that what there is about this great nation is just an endless flow of talents, creativity and energy”.
While commending the diligence of Love Idoko, Osinbajo hinted that one would see talents among Nigerians. “I am extremely proud of our country and I very strongly believe that we are certainly going to be a great nation. It is not going to depend on many of us but on a lot of very young people who are multi-tasking, creative and able to stick to it a long time”.
The TV show made its debuts on the 5th of June 2015 on AIT and has gone on to record over 100 episodes. The book aptly titled, ‘Activating Success: a compendium of the first 100 episodes’ is the first of its kind as no TV programme has ever achieved the feat.
Other dignitaries present were, the M.D of FCMB Mr Adam Nuru, H.E Dr Emmamuel Uduaghan, Chief Steven Lawani OFR, Representative of the Benue State first Lady, Justice Adah, Alex Iziyon SAN, J. Okutepa SAN, Tunde Busari SAN , Ogwu Onoja SAN, Senator Attai Aidoko,Hon Edward Onoja, Chief of staff to Kogi state Governor, Evang Lydia Idoko, M.D AIT Mrs Tosin Dokpesi, Rev. Goodheart Ekwueme, Linus Okorie, 2face Idibia, Cobhams, Gordons, Osama the Comedian, Femi Jacobs, Cally Ikpe, Segun Obe, Samuel Olatunji (BigSam),Jeremiah Gyang and more.

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