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Aregbesola Calls For a United Nigeria to Give The Black Man a Face in The World

The Governor of the State of Osun, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, has reiterated the call for a united and strong Nigeria whose central and historic position on the black continent must be realised for the black race to take its rightful position.

He made this call when the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) paid him a courtesy call cum condolence visit on Thursday.
The National President of CAN, Rev. Dr Samson Ayokunle, had led some Christian Associations to the government house to pray for the repose of the soul of the late mother of the Governor, Alhaja Saratu Aregbesola, who passed on recently.
Aregbesola said Nigeria must not fail as a nation if it is to fulfil the roles and responsibilities history placed at its doorstep as the champion of the black race.
According to him, a united Nigeria is capable of taking the black race to its rightful place, stressing that Nigerians should always remember that they are the only race that can make a mark in the world.
The Governor, who called for other bodies like CAN to support and pray for the country, added that for the black man to have headway in the world, then Nigeria must not fail.
He explained that for Nigeria live up to performing its roles in uplifting the black race in the world then all hands must be on deck to support it to achieve the goal of making the black man important.
He said, “We need to begin to realise as a nation that we are the only black nation that can assist the black man to make a name in the world.
“Nigeria must not fail, if we must achieve  this task and play this big role on behalf of all black race,  we  should all begin to work towards supporting Nigeria to achieve it.
“I want to call on all well meaning groups and bodies in Nigeria to believe in the Nigerian dream and work towards realising it.
“We need to believe in ourselves as a nation for others to believe in us because this is the only way the black man from any part of the world can have a face.
“We need to begin to see Nigeria as project which must not fail and must never fail.  Failure of Nigeria will be a disaster for the black man anywhere in the world,” Aregbesola stated.
He thanked the CAN president for the condolence visit saying that he is happy that his mother died at a good time without stress, praying for all to have the opportunity of exiting the world at a time one will be celebrated.
“For my mother to have had the privilege of giving birth to me, I can say that she died a very good death and am grateful for that.
Delivering his condolence message, CAN President, Rev. Dr Samson Ayokunle, said it is worthy of note that the late mother of Governor Aregbesola spent quality life while on earth, saying the quality of the life she lived was portrayed through the achievements of Aregbesola as a governor.
Ayokunle, who is also the President of the Nigerian Baptist Convention,  also added that Alhaja Saratu Aregbesola died at a good time because she died at time when her demise brought about a lot of honour to her.
He noted that the quality of life she lived is made manifest in the lives of her offspring, Governor Aregbesola inclusive, saying the good and hard work of the Governor must have been taken from Alhaja Saratu Aregbesola.
“We at the CAN Headquarters received the news of the death of Alhaja Saratu Aregbesola with a great shock.
“We are grateful to God that she led a quality life, which is made manifest in the lives of her offspring of which you are one of them.
“It is my prayer that God strengthen you, the Aregbesola family and the entire state to overcome the loss.
“He will strengthen you so as to continue to impact on your generation positively,” Ayokunle said.
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State of Osun Laws’ll Not Accommodate Badoo cult group – Osun AG

Ajibola Basiru is the Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice- State of Osun. He holds a doctorate degree in law, from the University of Lagos. In this interview, he speaks on the administration of criminal justice/justice sector reform, Governor Rauf Aregbesola’s administration and how the state is curbing the menace of kidnapping and ritualists. Excerpts:

WHAT are your visions for justice delivery system in the State of Osun? I, mean, do you have a justice sector plan?
The last compilation of the record of laws in State of Osun was documented in 2002. When we resumed office as a new administration, we commissioned a consultant to properly examine these laws. I’ve been involved in the development of the laws since 2011 when I was appointed. At present, we have been able to pass 44 new laws and we have 20 pending legislations before the State Assembly. The issue of the administration of criminal justice is one of such laws before the State House of Assembly. Of course, in the aspect of the criminal justice administration, we did not just regurgitate what the Federal Government has put in place because we discovered that some clauses were problematic and decided to improve on them.
Compilation of an unfinished project
I would say that the reason we have not come up with the compilation of the laws is because in the making of the law, either in the reforming or making it dynamic and responsive to social-economic development, is an on-going process. Therefore, to fix the process by making a compilation would result to a compilation of an unfinished project. However, the laws we’ve made among the 44 laws include Public Finance Management legislations, which comprises the insurance law, the Omoluabi conservation law etc.
These are the laws that enabled us access the capital market in order to raise our N30 billion facility Bond. This is because we realized that taking the facilities from the capital market is more beneficial to the state, both in terms of their tenure and terms. This procedure also allowed transparency among all of us. It is worthy to note that one of the laws, the Omoluabi conservation law, really helped us pull through when things became very tough and hard. This unique law stipulates that a percentage of the revenue of the state should be kept in a special account called ‘the Omoluabi Conservation Fund’. And the funds can only be removed with special resolution of the State Assembly.
There are also basically what we call the infrastructure fund, future generation fund and stabilisation funds. More so, money can only be withdrawn from the infrastructure fund when only the state cannot pursue infrastructural development; except at adverse interest rates as defined under the law. There is also future generation fund by which certain percentage of the state’s resources would be set aside for future generation. However, these funds started with N4.2 billion and grew over a period of time. But at a point, capital market became changed due to the fall in the price of oil and challenges in revenue allocation. We were able to draw with the resolution in the House of Assembly some more money and that is why it became possible for us to complete those projects.
It is believed that you are the brain box of the Aregbesola’s administration. Would you say this is the correct position?
The issue of being the brain box of Aregbesola’s administration, I don’t think that is true. I know that Rauf Aregbesola had his own vision, policies. Yes, there might be some occurring convergence in terms of ideological regulation. As a student, I belonged to the Marxist school of thought and adopted the socialist ideal. So, I believe that we both, at some point, share same values.
But I believe that Rauf is someone who has deep ideological inclinations and a clear cut vision of what he wants to do as a governor. Infact, even before he became a governor, he once told us that he would resign if within two years he does not make any tangible transformation. And you can witness for yourself, if you go to State of Osun today, there are lots of transformations in terms of social and physical infrastructures.
You would also observe that there are social protections or programmes like school feeding. Osun youth empowerment schemes are new models that have been adopted by the Federal Government in the social protection regime. So, at this point, I would say that I have been a contributor to the success of Aregbesola’s government. In my first time as Commissioner, I served as Commissioner for Special Duties which led me to undertake several assignments. My ministry was also in charge of policy coordination, but to say otherwise would simply suggest that I went beyond my responsibilities.
All I know of Rauf Aregbesola is that he is intellectual and ideological. Of course, I am committed to his vision of transforming our state. And if, in any way, I offended anybody as a political advisory, it’s simply because of my loyalty to him and I have no apologies for anybody. It’s a shared vision which I believe our goal isn’t just to the State of Osun but to depict how black people can rule themselves.
It’s saddening that anywhere you see the black people, you find poverty, squalor, lawlessness and underdevelopment. We must reverse that trend and cannot continue to make our society act like a community that strictly depend on food; for that is simply the business of animals and not humans.  So our black race must not constrain itself to what I call ‘stomach infrastructure’. And yes, I am very determined in achieving our goal and of course, in that process, you will step on toes. There are also those who will be envious of your rising profile. But all I am saying is that irrespective of the adverse criticisms, I am committed to the success of Aregbesola’s administration.
What is the State of Osun doing to ensure the security of its residents against the activities of dreaded Badoo cult group, who the Lagos State police is cracking down on?
I would say that the state of Osun is a law and order territory, even before now. The state government under Rauf Aregbeshola has invested heavily in the security of the state. To that extent, I can boldly tell you that we have had success stories, not only in the apprehension of members of the Badoo group, also in their arraignment  before a court of law. For instance, last month, I was at Ilesha High Court, where we got conviction for two kidnappers. I told the court that it should show mercy on the community by giving them maximum sentence because it appears that kidnapping has now become a more lucrative offence than armed robbery. Second, in terms of ritual related offence, I was also before an Osogbo Court where a syndicate was reported to have been mutilating human corpse and selling its parts. On that day, I remember vividly that we were able to successfully tender some of the deceased’s organs like hearts, head, hands, as exhibits. However, in terms of law enforcement and prosecution, State of Osun has a good record in that aspect.
I also remember that during the kidnapping event of the wife of the Speaker State of Osun- House of Assembly, the kidnappers were later successfully apprehended and arraigned before the court. And the state, as part of its investment in security matters, also introduced the use of surveillance helicopter. I believe this is really a good approach because any state that is truly security conscious should have at least four to five helicopters for area monitoring.
This is because once there is such Surveillance, then there would not be any hideout or evil creek for easy crimes or such offenders.
Inaccessible hideouts
Offenders like the Badoo group actually hide under the cloak of secrecy by creating inaccessible hideouts. Hence, with this new approach of surveillance, they can be picked easily and security coordination would be tightened. The state has also invested in armour personnel carriers. The state also supports the police, the State Security Service (SSS), the civil defence and all other security agencies.
Hence, allowances are made official for all security operatives in the state as a form of motivation. This is the reason the government took over some cities in the state like Ejigbo, Ilesha and Ife under the siege of armed robbers which even resulted into the closure of banks. But I can confidently tell you now that those banks are successfully functional. Therefore, the idea of Badoo group invading the state would actually fall on dead grounds because the State of Osun cannot accommodate such devilish activity. We have invested strongly in the security of this state and we are a state that has the ability to bring such group to order in no distant time. Such group cannot suffice or penetrate freely.

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4 die of Hepatitis in Borno IDPs camp

Four die of Hepatitis in Borno IDPs camp
Four die of Hepatitis in Borno IDPs camp
By Rabiu Sani
Medicine Sans Frontiers otherwise known as ‘Doctors Without Borders’, on Friday said that four expectant mothers had died of Hepatitis (E) infection at the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) camp,Ngala, Borno.
The organisation also said that 400 other displaced persons including women and children were infected with the disease in the camp.
A statement signed by Musa Yahaya, the MSF Field Communication Officer, and released in Maiduguri, said hundreds of persons were infected following the spread of the disease from the Niger Republic.
The organisation estimated that there were about 45, 000 displaced persons at the Ngala camp, of Ngala Local Government Area of the state.
Hepatitis E or liver inflammation is a viral disease caused by infection with a virus called hepatitis Evirus. It is one of the five known human hepatitis viruses: A, B, C, D, and E.
The disease is caused by drinking contaminated water within the endemic areas or through the consumption of uncooked or under-cooked meat. Hepatitis outbreak can be epidemic or individual.
Yahaya said that the contagious disease spread quickly in the Ngala camp due to a combination of poor living conditions and flooding.
He described the situation in the camp as ‘worrisome’ and portended serious health threats.
“The situation in Ngala is very worrying. Heavy rain caused flooding in the camp and water submerged pathways, latrines and shelters.
“Whenever it rains, the whole camp gets covered with mud and dirty water. “This is a recipe for spreading bacteria and disease,” the statement said.
Yahaya disclosed that over 400 cases of the disease were recorded and 170 patients treated while four expectant mothers died of the disease in the past two months.
He explained that the disease could be very dangerous in pregnancy and caused high rate of abortions, stillbirth, and premature delivery.
“It can also cause severe haemorrhages in mothers, both during childbirth and after delivery”.
The communication officer said that the organisation encouraged the community to conduct waste clearance exercise to rid the camp of dirty water.
He added that the organisation had also distributed soap and chlorinated water supply to contain spread of the disease.
Yahaya stressed that urgent measures were necessary to enhance access to safe drinking water and promote good sanitation to contain the disease
According to him, the organisation had been working in Ngala camp since October 2016 and currently ran a hospital providing inpatient and outpatient services, antenatal care and malnutrition treatment.
Mr Haruna Mishelia, the Borno Commissioner for Health, said that cases of the disease were recorded at Mobar, Monguno and Ngala local government areas.
Mishelia said the state government had responded positively to contain the disease.
“Hepatitis (E) cases at Mobar, Monguno and Ngala are under control,” the commissioner said.
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President Uhuru Kenyatta wins second term in Kenya

President Uhuru Kenyata inset in a photograph showing an election campaign billboard displaying him and Deputy President William Ruto pictured in Mathare slum in Nairobi, Kenya.
The Kenya election commission on Friday declared incumbent President Uhuru Kenyatta had won a second and final five-year term in this week’s polls, despite opposition objections over the fairness of the vote.
  Kenyatta took 54.27 percent of the vote, and opposition leader Raila Odinga took 44.74 percent, said
election commission head Wafula Chebukati.
President Uhuru Kenyatta has won re-election in Kenya, defeating veteran opposition leader and longtime rival Raila Odinga in a tense contest.
Kenya’s election commission declared Friday that the 55-year-old businessman and son of the country’s founding President had received enough votes to secure a second five-year term.
Provisional and unverified reporting following Tuesday’s vote had given Kenyatta a wide margin of 54% to 45% with 98% of polling stations reporting.
He garnered 54.27% of the final vote; Odinga received 44.74%.
The nation’s top elections official, Wafula Chebukati, said the vote was carried out in a “free, fair and credible manner.”
Kenya's President Uhuru Kenyatta high-fives with supporters after casting his vote in Tuesday's presidential election.
Odinga, a 72-year-old former political prisoner who has campaigned for the presidency four times, is refusing to accept the results, claiming the vote was hacked.
Speaking before the declaration, Musalia Mudavadi, co-principal of the opposition’s National Super Alliance (NASA), said they would not be party to the announcement of Kenyatta as president, citing unresolved concerns about the veracity of the electoral process.
“The issues we raised have not been adequately addressed,” he said. “One can conclude that they (Kenya’s Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission) were not keen on taking our concerns seriously.”
James Orengo, NASA party chief agent, described the process as a “disaster.” “This has been an entire charade. The judgment is now out there in the court of public opinion.”
Odinga, running as the NASA candidate, told CNN Thursday that he doesn’t “trust” the paper forms from polling stations around the country that officials used to authenticate votes.
Odinga said the forms could have been “manipulated” before being returned to the capital. At a news conference Thursday, members of Odinga’s party gave no evidence to support any claims of election tampering, citing only unnamed sources at the election commission.
Kisumu's main street "Oginga Odinga street," named for Raila's father who acted as the country's first vice president, was largely deserted on Friday.
In a letter released Friday morning, Chebukati, the chairman of the election commission, rejected the opposition coalition’s evidence of election fraud, calling it “obviously and plainly falsified.”
On Thursday, Chebukati said tampering with the election system “was attempted but did not succeed,” without elaborating further.

Fears of violence

Peaceful elections in East Africa’s largest economy would help provide stability to the region but allegations of vote rigging have sparked concern with some Kenyans fearing ethnic clashes similar to those triggered a decade ago.
More than 1,000 died in months of violence and bloodshed after Odinga — who had been defeated by the then-President Mwai Kibaki — claimed the 2007 election had been rigged.
Odinga and his party repeatedly called for calm this week as the final results were compiled.
Kenyan security personnel walk towards burning barricades on a road in Kisumu on Wednesday.
Extra security forces have been deployed to the streets of Kenya’s capital, Nairobi, interior ministry spokesman Mwenda Njoka told CNN. Additional police have also been installed at the airport in the western city of Kisumu as a preventative measure, according to Reuters.
Nairobi remained quieter than usual after the national holiday on Tuesday. Some businesses were open in the city center but mostly people were remaining indoors; other residents who went to their home villages to vote might also have stayed away.
In Kisumu, a local journalist described the city center as “a ghost town.”
At least two people died in election-related violence after brief protests broke out in several Odinga strongholds — in Nairobi and Kisumu — on Wednesday. The day before, a polling agent from Odinga’s party was killed in a machete attack in Tana River county.
Odinga's hacking claims this week have ratched up tensions in his strongholds.
“We do not want to see any violence in Kenya. We know the consequences of what happened in 2008 and we don’t want to see a repeat of that anymore,” Odinga told CNN on Thursday.
“I don’t control anybody. What is happening is that people just want to see justice. We also hope that the security forces are not going to use excessive force.”
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Giroud wins thriller for Arsenal

Giroud: wins thriller for Arsenal
Olivier Giroud was on hand on the opening day of the English Premier League to save Arsenal the agony of losing at home, when he came in  as a sub to give the Gunners a 4-3 winning edge over Leicester.
New signing, Alexandre Lacazette in the second minute, opened the scoring with a header for Arsenal in the thrilling match at the Emirates.
Shinji Okazaki, three minutes after  equalised for Leicester, with  Jamie Vardy putting  Leicester ahead in the 29th minute,
Just before the break, after a shot by Lacazette was blocked, defender Sead Kolasinac directed a ball squarely into the Leicester box for Danny Welbeck to tap in.
The hosts and the visitors were all square at half time at 2-2.
The Foxes tried but lost the game
On resumption,  Vardy restored the Foxes’ lead  just after 11 minutes of play. But undaunted Arsenal called in the reserves. First came in Aaron Ramsey and Olivier Giroud in the 67th minute. They replaced Mohammed Elneny, who had assisted Lacazette to head in the first goal and Rob Holding. In the 75th minutes, also came in Theo Walcott to replace Danny Welbeck.
The Arsenal subs proved super subs as they inflicted defeat on Leicester. Ramsey scored in the 83rd minute,to restore parity at 3-3, followed by  Olivier Giroud, who headed in the winning goal in the 85th minute, raising  the roof at the Emirates. Final score: Arsenal 4, Leicester 3.
Arsene Wenger: We refused to give up
It was a game that Arsenal ought to have won, having dominated proceedings all through the 90 minutes and the added time. Arsenal had more shots on target, 10-4 and more corner kicks, 9-4 and 70-30 of possession.
Here are the sound bites of the day, first from Arsenal hero, Giroud:
“Obviously I knew that I was going to have a chance so we tried to push. We kept the faith and kept believing in our game to push hard. We’ve been courageous to the end and thank God we won the game”.
Petr Cech, Arsenal Captain said: “I think we made technical mistakes for the second goal, it can always happen – it’s part of football. Jamie Vardy was there at the right time. It’s disappointing with the corner as we should have been organised. Overall we showed great character in the first game of the season – we played a classic”.
Manager, Arsene Wenger, who was obviously excited by his team’s amazing comeback, said:
“Our character is the best ingredient in our game tonight. Going forward we were great. When you concede three at home you think you can’t afford that but we had 27 attempts… It’s impossible (to keep all strikers happy). Overall we have many games and hopefully I can give a good number of games to all of my strikers”.
Jamie Vardy, Leicester striker, who banged in a brace, consoled his team: “You can’t fault the performance, but it’s a couple of lapses of concentration. We put in a good account of ourselves. We had quite a few chances and another day they’ll go in. We can take a lot of positives from it”.
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3.5m volunteers join N/Korea’s Army to fight U.S.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un: record executions
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un: Prepares for war
(Reuters/NAN) North Korea said on Saturday that nearly 3.5 million workers, party members and soldiers volunteered to join or rejoin its army to fight against the U.S. in the current geopolitical tension between Pyongyang and Washington.
Rodong Sinmun, North Korea’s official newspaper, said the volunteers had offered to join or rejoin the People’s Army after the Korea Central News Agency (KCNA) issued a statement on Monday condemning new sanctions imposed by the UN in retaliation for North Korean missile tests.
North Korea threatened to strike the United States and its Pacific territory of Guam.
KCNA said on Wednesday a mass rally was held in Pyongyang to support the government. North Korea has previously mobilised large crowds to show its resolve when tensions escalate.
In August 2015, one million North Koreans offered to enlist or re-enlist in the army when a mine exploded in the demilitarized zone between the two Koreas, raising additional tensions.
North Korea warned foreign diplomats to leave Pyongyang in 2013 when it suspended work at a joint inter-Korean industrial park and threatened missile strikes on U.S. Pacific bases, notably in Guam and Hawaii.
NAN reports that on Aug. 5, the UN Security Council unanimously adopted Resolution 2371, which further tightens sanctions against North Korea in response to Pyongyang’s recent ballistic missiles tests.
North Korea’s military said Wednesday it was considering a missile attack near the US island territory of Guam after President Donald Trump threatened Pyongyang with “fire and fury.”
Guam hosts several U.S. military bases.
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FaceBook, Google lose $123m to swindler

Evaldas Rimasauskas: the man who swindled Facebook and Google
The Court of Appeal of Lithuania has decided to extradite to the United States a Lithuanian scam artist identified as Evaldas Rimasauskas, who conned $123 million out of FaceBook and Google by sending fake emails.
“Assumption that the damage was done to the companies registered in the United States became the ground for the extradition of Rimasauskas,” the court said in a press release on Friday.
The decision to extradite the scammer was irrevocable, the court said.
The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York accused Rimasauskas of wire transfer fraud, aggravated identity theft and money laundering, news agency Elta reported.
Evaldas Rimasauskas, right, during his extradition proceedings in Lithuania
It is alleged that Rimasauskas took part in the scam using e-mail correspondence and posed as an Asian computer hardware manufacturer to persuade Google and FaceBook to accept fraudulent invoices and transfer funds to the company established under the same name in Latvia.
The funds were transferred to the latter company’s accounts in banks in Cyprus and Latvia.
The court underlined it has not been assessing the circumstances of the crime and the proof of guilt as it “should trust the information provided by the judicial authority of the country which applied for the extradition.”
Rimasauskas is suspected to have conned 23 million dollars from Google and 100 million dollars from FaceBook.
He was detained in Lithuania on March 16. On April 18, the Prosecutor General’s Office of Lithuania received the U.S. Justice Department’s request to extradite the suspect.
Rimasauskas has denied the charges.
Meanwhile, the attorney of Rimasauskas claimed that the investigation of the suspected crime must take place in Lithuania as the allegedly criminal actions were carried out within the country, local media reported.
Lithuania has a bilateral extradition agreement with the United States and this case “meets all the criteria”, the chairman of the court underlined.
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EEDC arrests 18 suspected vandals

Electricity generation Stations
Electricity generation Stations
Stanley Nwanosike
No fewer than 18 suspects were apprehended by the Enugu Electricity Distribution Company (EEDC) for vandalising electricity installations in the South-East region.
The arrest was carried out in collaboration with the vigilante groups, Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), police and the army in the last one month.
The Head of EEDC Communications, Mr Emeka Ezeh, said in a statement on Saturday in Enugu that one of the 18 suspected vandals had been sentenced to three years imprisonment.
Ezeh said that those apprehended had been handed over to the police for further investigation and prosecution.
The EEDC communication boss said that the suspects were arrested in its franchise areas of Abia, Ebonyi, Enugu and Imo States.
“Just recently, five men identified as Chinedu Anike; Emenike Okoye; Chidera Nweke; Chukwu Onyekachi and Emmanuel Mathew were apprehended for vandalising a distribution substation, property of EEDC, located in Awgu, Enugu State.
“The five suspects, who confessed to committing the crime, have been transferred to the Criminal Investigation Department in Police Command in Enugu State.
“In a related development, Onyedika Dike and Echezona Obisike were arrested by men of the Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) for vandalising EEDC distribution substation at Uhualla Osina Community in Orlu, Imo State.
“Also, Izuchukwu Ibe and Kingsley Ugochukwu were behind the vandalised EEDC distribution substation located at Umuzeike, Orlu, Imo State.
“Similarly, the duo of John Mary Anakor and Kosarachi Anagworo, who hail from Oji River and Nsukka respectively were arrested for attacking EEDC substation at Eke Junction in Udi LGA.
“At the Quarry area of Umuoghara in Ezza North LGA of Ebonyi State, Chukwuka Oken and Monday Otubo were arrested for vandalising a 500KVA distribution substation belonging to EEDC.
“While a four-man gang was arrested by members of Elugwu Community of Bende LGA, Abia for vandalising a transformer at Ndielu in Ugwueke.
“The suspects: Favour Ukala, Jude Chimezie, Uchegbu James Nwobodo and Elija Okpara were taken to Uzuakoli Police Division for investigation and prosecution,’’ he said.
The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) recalls that a Chief Magistrate Court sitting in Bende, Abia had on Aug. 9, sentenced Mr Onuorah Godswill, a native of Okoko Item community in Bende LGA to three years imprisonment, without an option of fine.
Onuorah, who pleaded guilty to a one count charge of stealing, was arrested by some natives for vandalizing bare conductor wire, property of EEDC along Veterinary road in the community.
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Trump, Xi Jinping in crucial Korean Peninsula talk

Trump and Xi Jinping in crucial Korean Peninsula talk
Trump and Xi Jinping in crucial Korean Peninsula talk
U.S. President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping have agreed during a phone conversation Friday to ensure a Korean Peninsula free of nuclear weapons.
The agreement reached in a phone call between the two presidents was confirmed early Saturday in a White House statement and in a report on Chinese state television.
During the conversation, Xi also requested that the U.S. and North Korea both tone down their recent rhetoric and avoid actions that could worsen tensions between the two nations, Chinese Central Television said.
“At present, the relevant parties must maintain restraint and avoid words and deeds that would exacerbate the tension on the Korean Peninsula,” Xi was quoted as saying.
A White House statement said “the leaders affirmed that the recent adoption of a new United Nations Security Council resolution regarding North Korea was an important and necessary step toward achieving peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula.
“President Trump and President Xi agreed North Korea must stop its provocative and escalatory behaviour.
“The Presidents also reiterated their mutual commitment to denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula.”
The statement added that Trump was looking forward to meeting with Xi in China later this year.
The trip, announced in April, was recently confirmed by Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, who met in Manila with U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.
Trump has urged China to pressure North Korea to halt its nuclear weapons program, which North Korea says is nearing the capability of targeting the United States.
China is the North’s biggest economic partner and source of aid, but says it alone can’t compel Pyongyang to end its nuclear and missile programs.
Trump also spoke with Guam Gov. Eddie Calvo, reassuring him that U.S. military forces stand ready to ensure the safety and security of the U.S. territory, a White House statement said.
Meanwhile, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe pledged on Saturday to do everything to the best of his ability to protect his country and its people as tensions escalate over North Korea’s plans to send missiles over Japan toward Guam.
Abe made the comments while visiting his father’s tomb in his ancestral hometown of Nagato, in western Japan.
On Friday, Japan’s Defense Ministry said it was deploying four surface-to-air Patriot interceptors in western Japan to respond to a possible risk of fragments falling from missiles.
The ministry did not confirm whether newly appointed Defense Minister Itsunori Onodera has already issued an order to shoot down incoming missiles.
Trump on Friday issued fresh threats of swift and forceful retaliation against nuclear North Korea, declaring the U.S. military “locked and loaded” and warning that the communist country’s leader, Kim Jong Un, would “regret it fast” if he takes any action against U.S. territories or allies.
Source: Fox News
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FG wants new Civil Service

Mrs Winifred Oyo-Ita
Mrs Winifred Oyo-Ita: Head of Civil Service of the Federation. Twitter photo
By Ismaila Chafe
The President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration will do everything possible to re-position the civil service for effective and efficient delivery of services to Nigerians.
Acting President Yemi Osinbajo stated this at the 2017 Nigeria Civil Service Week Dinner and Award Night held at the old Presidential Banquet, Abuja, on Friday night.
The acting President, who was represented by the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Alhaji Muhammad Bello, noted that nation’s civil servants had worked against all odds to drive government’s agenda in its efforts to meet the needs of Nigerians.
He, therefore, challenged them to continue to work hard so as to achieve meaningful results in the implementation of the agenda of the Federal Government aimed at uplifting the quality of life of all citizens.
“It should be our collective resolve to go all out in hard work to implement the agenda of this administration.
“This is centred on stabilising the micrographic environment, achieving agriculture and food security, ensuring energy sufficiency in power and petroleum products, improving transportation infrastructure, driving industrialisation with focus on SMEs and promoting the informal markets with particular attention to production and consumption of made in Nigeria goods and services,’’ he said.
The acting President stated that the government was also committed to the promotion of local industries, stimulating national economic growth and creating better environment for business to thrive in line with its economic diversification policy.
He said: “The Executive Orders that were issued recently is a further attestation to this and they are meant to drive the Made in Nigeria Initiative with a view to increasing the demand for locally manufactured goods and services.
“The support of government for local content in public procurement will further strengthen the naira, create jobs and expand the country’s entrepreneur capacity leading to greater competitions among local manufacturers and service providers.
“This we believe will drive down costs, improve quality and enhance ease of doing business in our dear country.
“All these will not be achieved without a confident and motivated workforce to run with the agenda of this administration.’’
He, therefore, stressed the need for all the civil servants to embrace the new culture of anti-corruption, transparency and accountability in the discharge of their respective duties.
“Your position as civil servants is therefore very, very important considering that you are the representation of government and as such government will be judged by your actions or inactions,’’ he added.
The acting President commended the organisers of the annual event especially the Head of the Civil Service of the Federation, adding that such events served as morale booster to workers.
In her remarks, the Head of the Civil Service of the Federation, Mrs Winifred Oyo-Ita, noted with delight the efforts of the Buhari administration to reposition the civil service for effective service delivery.
She stated that the office of the Head of Service was committed to building a new federal civil service that would be all inclusive with utmost consideration for welfare and career development for all civil servants.
“Consequently, our goals is to achieve the following; a new efficient civil service producing the maximum possible output with the minimum amount of input or resources provided by the government.
“An incorruptible civil service that cannot be converted for bribe but an epitome of integrity.
“Creation of a well-trained and motivated professional workforce that is poised to provide world-class service.
“A public service that is citizen-centred with the mind-set that Nigerian citizens have the right to service and to be treated equally and fairly by their government, and to expect transparency in the process and hold the public servants accountable for government’s performance.’’
Oyo-Ita, however, stressed the need for collective support and cooperation of all civil servants, the Permanent Secretaries and all stakeholders to achieve this vision.
“We must continue to collaborate and work as a team to achieve government’s set goals and objectives.’’
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Kenya boils, as Police kill 11 protesters

Kenya Police officer beating a protester
Kenya Police officer beating a protester
(Reuters/NAN) Kenyan police killed 11 people in a crackdown on protesters as anger at the re-election of President Uhuru Kenyatta erupted in the western city of Kisumu and slums ringing the capital, officials and witnesses said on Saturday.
A security official told Reuters that the bodies of nine young men shot dead overnight in Nairobi’s Mathare slum had been brought to the city morgue.
The official said the men were killed during police anti-looting operations.
Separately, a young girl in Mathare was killed by police firing “sporadic shots”, a witness said.
The run-down neighbourhood is loyal to 72-year-old opposition leader Raila Odinga, whose party rejected Tuesday’s vote as a “charade”.
A Reuters reporter in Kisumu, centre of post-election ethnic violence a decade ago in which 1,200 people died nationwide, said tear gas and live rounds were fired.
A government official said one man had been killed.
The unrest erupted moments after Kenya’s election commission announced late on Friday that Kenyatta, 55, had secured a second five-year term in office, in spite of opposition allegations that the tally was a fraud.
Interior Minister Fred Matiang’i said the trouble was localised and blamed it on “criminal elements” rather than legitimate political protest.
Odinga’s NASA coalition provided no evidence for its rejection of the result.
Kenya’s main monitoring group, ELOG, said on Saturday its tally matched the official outcome, undermining NASA’s allegations of fraud.
In addition to the deaths, Kisumu’s main hospital was treating four people for gunshot wounds and six who had been beaten by Kenyan police, its records showed.
One man, 28-year-old Moses Oduor, was inside his home in the impoverished district of Obunga when police conducting house-to-house raids dragged him out of his bedroom and beat him with clubs.
“He was not out fighting them. He was rescued by my sister who lives next to him.
“She came outside screaming at the police, asking why they are beating people,” his brother, Charles Ochieng said, speaking on behalf of a dazed Oduor.
More shooting was heard outside the hospital on Saturday morning. In Nairobi, armed police units backed by water cannon moved through the rubble-strewn streets of Kibera, another pro-Odinga slum.
Interior minister Matiang’i defended the police against accusations of brutality.
“Let us be honest – there are no demonstrations happening,” he told reporters.
“Individuals or gangs that are looting shops, that want to endanger lives, that are breaking into people’s businesses, those are not demonstrators.
They are criminals. And we expect police to deal with criminals how criminals should be dealt with.”
As with previous votes in 2007 and 2013, this year’s elections have exposed the underlying ethnic tensions in the nation of 45 million, the economic engine of East Africa and the region’s main trading hub.
In particular, Odinga’s Luo tribe, who hail from the west, had hoped an Odinga presidency would have broken the Kikuyu and Kalenjin dominance of central government since independence in 1963.
Kenyatta, son of Kenya’s first president, is a Kikuyu.
Even before the declaration, Odinga’s NASA coalition had rejected the outcome, saying the election commission’s systems had been hacked, the count was irregular and foreign observers who gave the poll a clean bill of health were biased.
NASA provided no evidence for any of its accusations but singled out former U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and former South African president Thabo Mbeki, who both led teams of election observers, for criticism.
Top Odinga lieutenant James Orengo said NASA would not challenge the results in court, as Odinga did when he lost in 2013, but hinted at mass action by praising the history of Kenyans in standing up to previous “stolen” elections.
“Going to court is not an option. We have been there before,” Orengo told reporters.
In addition to the thumbs-up from foreign monitors, Kenya’s ELOG domestic observation group, which had 8,300 agents on the ground, published a parallel vote tally on Saturday that conformed with the official results.
ELOG’s projected outcome put Kenyatta on 54 per cent with a 1.9 per cent error margin, compared to an official tally of 54.3 per cent.
“We did not find anything deliberately manipulated,” ELOG chairwoman Regina Opondo said.
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DSS busts kidnap, Boko Haram cells

Nigeria’s Department of State Services (DSS) has announced a string of  successes in its tactical operations in July and early August, 2017, busting kidnap gangs and Boko Haram cells in parts of the country. The service also waded into the boundary crisis between Cross River and Akwa Ibom States.
The security agency made this known today in a statement by Tony Opuiyo, its spokesman.
Among the successes catalogued was the arrest on 3 July of seven members of a kidnap gang  at Kakuri Industrial Area in Kaduna State.
Arrested were Haliru Hassan and six  other members of a notorious kidnap gang operating along the Abuja – Kaduna High Way.
The gang, which comprised Usman Abdulkadir, Yusuf Saidu, Abubakar Shuiabu, Abukakar Suleman, Uzairu Bawa, and Sani Abubakar, was said to have been terrorising motorists and commuters within the Rijana and Katari axis of the Abuja-Kaduna Highway.
”  On 4 July, 2017, along Zaria – Funtua Road in Giwa LGA, Kaduna State, the Service busted another kidnap gang and apprehended its kingpins, Rabiu Sani aka Dogo and his close associate, Abubakar Sani, notorious kidnapper and gun-runner who has been supplying arms and ammunition to criminal elements in Kaduna, Kano, Taraba and Plateau States.
During their arrest, the DSS operatives  recovered  a blue Volkswagen Vento with Reg. No. MGU 106 EA, One  Pistol,  4 AK-47 Magazines, 5 FN rifle, 989  rounds of Ammunition, One (1) round of 9mm Ammunition, One (1) Beretta magazine, and N457, 140.
“Similarly, on 5 July, 2017, at Ikara Junction, Tudun Wada LGA in Kano State, two  high profile kidnappers namely: Rabiu Dahiru aka Kachalla and Umar Ya’u were apprehended by the Service. Dahiru and Ya’u are members of the kidnap gang which has been operating at the Falgore forest in Kano State.
Twenty six live cartridges and a bullet proof vest were found in their possession during their arrest.
 ” Also, on 4 August, 2017, this Service arrested a suspected gun-runner, Haruna Musa at Kasuwan Magani area, along Kaduna-Kachia Road in Kaduna State. Musa is a gun-runner who has been ferrying arms and ammunition to criminal elements especially kidnappers along forested communities in Birni Gwari and its environs.
The operatives  recovered from him a grey  Opel Vectra V6 with Reg. No. 899-MKA   and 31  AK-47 magazines.
”  On 14 July, 2017, at the Federal Housing Authority Estate, Lugbe, FCT, the Service smashed the kidnap syndicate led by one Ebifagbe Dickson aka Ginikachi and five others namely: Williams Jephter, Messiah Philips, Sample Reuben, Prosper Ebitari and Charles Krobo James.
“This gang was responsible for the kidnap of five German expatriates of Bayelsa Coastline in Brass LGA. It  was also intercepted while plotting to perpetrate series of kidnap operations in the Federal Capital Territory-Abuja
The DSS was active in Kogi State as well, where its operatives arrested Jonathan Lukas and his accomplice, Nafiu Usman at Ajipome, Dekina LGA, on 27 July, for their involvement in the series of kidnapping incidents in the State.
” In furtherance of its counter-terrorism/insurgency fight against the extremist elements, the Service conducted a tactical operation against fleeing Boko Haram fighters on 1 July, 2017, at Sakwai in Kachia LGA of the Kaduna State. During the operation, one Usman Musa, a high profile Boko Haram cell leader, was apprehended alongside six of his accomplices, namely Isa Halidu, Ibrahim Dauda, Bature Mohammed, Buhari Dauda, Inusa Usman and Adamu IBRAHIM. Light arms, ammunition and radical literature were recovered from the cell.
” In Taraba State, the Service intercepted one Usman Halaji aka Abubakar Mubi, on 5 July, 2017, at Bali town, where he  was hibernating after fleeing Sambisa Forest following military bombardment of the area. He was discovered to be advancing the doctrines of the terrorist group as well as recruiting vulnerable minds to join its ranks.
” On 13 July, another cell amir (leader), one Yusuf Isah was arrested at   Sabuwar Yelwa area of Dala LGA in Kano State. It was sequel to this that a member of the cell, one Yakubu USMAN (Alh.) who had also fled from Sambisa forest following military operations in the North East was arrested, on 28th July, 2017, by the Service.
“Furthermore, on 3 August, 2017, two  suspected Boko Haram fighters namely Buba Gebi aka Dogo Dan Cameroon and Manu Isah, were apprehended by the Service at Tamburawa, Dawakin Kudu, Kano State, on 3rd August, 2017. The duo were intercepted while heading to Lagos, in furtherance of the group’s cause.
” The Service also arrested one Bashir Yahaya Ojo, a suspected member of an ISIS-affiliated extremist cell and close associate of Bilal aka Malik, another extremist element at Nagazi in Adavi LGA. Ojo, in connivance with other members of the cell, has been indoctrinating and recruiting vulnerable youths in the State for the extremist group.
“On 10 August, 2017, at Kwatte Village, Rigasa District, Igabi LGA in Kaduna State, the Service, in conjunction with the Military, raided the hideout of a notorious armed robbery/kidnap gang led by one Salisu Lawan. During the operation, the criminals engaged operatives in a shoot-out, which resulted in the death of one Shehu Lawal (a gang member) while Lawan the ringleader and two (2) other members of the gang, namely Mohammed TUKUR (27 years) and Usman Mohammed (35 years) were arrested.
The DSS also waded into the  boundary crisis between Ikot Offiong Community in Odukpani LGA of Cross State and Okuiboku in Itu LGA of Akwa Ibom State.
The Service carried out a detailed investigation and found that a militant group led by one Don Marine aka The Don based in Odukpani is a key provocateur in the crisis.  
Consequently, on 10 August, the Service, in liaison with the Nigerian Army, raided the militants’ enclave located along Ikonoto Road, Ikonoto clan of Odukpani. During the operation, one Blanko was shot dead while three  others were arrested and two escaped with gunshot injuries.  Similarly, one  dane gun and an American pump action gun were recovered from the hide-out.

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UNIOSUN Best Graduating Medical Student In Ukraine, Others To Return Home today(Photos)

The medical students of Osun State University (UNIOSUN) who recently graduated from the V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, Kharkov, Ukraine will return home tomorrow (Saturday).

This was stated in a press release signed by the Commissioner for information and strategy, Mr Adelani Baderinwa and obtained by Amiloaded correspondent.

It would be recalled that 50 of the 85 UNIOSUN students recently graduated and were inducted as qualified medical doctors after passing the 2017 KROK 2 Ukraine National Medical Exams in June, this year.

One of the medical students, Miss Latifat Abiola Oyeleye was declared the over best medical student of the Karazin Kharkiv National University as well as the 2017 overall best students in the entire Ukraine with an outstanding score of 95.6% in KROK 2 Exams.

The UNIOSUN students were sent to Ukraine by Governor Rauf Aregbesola’s administration to complete their medical studies in Ukraine in 2013 as a result of non-availability of teaching hospital for their clinical studies.

The UNIOSUN Medical students will arrive in Nigeria through Muritala International Airport, Lagos where they will be received by the high powered delegation of the State of Osun Government.

The students will pay a courtesy call on Governor Rauf Aregbesola on Sunday and later proceed to the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital for preparation for the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria’s License Exams.
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I’m Glad I Dumped Nigeria For Bahrain, 19-Year-Old Lady After Winning Medal In London

Salwa Naser, a 400m silver medalist at the ongoing World Athletics championship in London, says she is happy to have chosen Bahrain ahead of Nigeria. The 19-year-old achieved her dreams on Thursday by setting a new national record to win both her heat in 50.57 seconds and the semi-final in 50.08 seconds.
Salwa Naser wins silver in London

After the race, Naser was asked if she had any message for the new board of the Athletic Federation of Nigeria, and she said, “I don’t really have anything to say to them.
“The past three years have been a great transition for me and I’m glad. I have nothing to say to the AFN.”
Naser, who is coached by Bahrain-based Nigerian John George Obeya, said wasn’t bothered by the pedigree of her opponents ahead of the race.
The athlete said she was simply interested in winning.
“No, I wasn’t. But I was training hard and hoping for the best. Coming here I really hoped to do something,” she told
“I feel so happy. It wasn’t about beating Allyson Felix. It was about getting a personal best and a medal.
“I just had to push through and try. I didn’t see anyone in front of me so I didn’t know what position I was at until the results came through.”
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See The ‘Nuclear Bunker’ Where North Koreans Can Hide If US Wages War.(see Photos)

These pictures show the inside of Pyongyang’s 360ft deep metro system – that will double up as a nuclear bunker if war breaks out between North Korea and the US. Images show commuters using the world’s deepest underground train system which includes two lines with a combined length of 18 miles beneath North Korea’s capital.
Pyongyang's metro system which doubles as nuclear bunker

Construction work on the Pyongyang Metro started in 1968 and was inaugurated in 1973 by Kim Il Sung, the grandfather of current dictator Kim Jong-un.
And while it is usually busy with commuters, the depth of the subway system means citizens could also use it as a shelter should tensions between North Korea and America boil over into full-scale war.
Earlier this year, one of Kim’s top officials insisted the country was ‘not afraid’ of the prospect of military action by the US.

The trains are old carriages from Germany which were bought up by North Korea in 1999 as they were heading for the scrap heap. Pyongyang now claims the trains were built in North Korea, but despite attempts to conceal their origin, some old graffiti tags can be seen on the carriages.
French photographer Eric Lafforgue captured these images during a trip to the hermit state and said there were only 17 stations on two lines.

Access to the subway system has historically been shut off to foreigners, but Pyongyang has recently arranged a limited number of tours for foreign media.

Culled from Daily Mail
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Family Panics As Female Corper Goes Missing In Delta State. Photo

A lady identified as Vera Uloma Ukah, a Batch C 2016 Corp member, deployed to Sapele in Delta State has been declared missing for more than 9 days now, according to a report elder brother. Her family members have been left in distress due to the development as nothing has been heard from the missing corper.
Vera Uloma Ukah missing

Read the letter which was sent to Facebook user, Sapele Oghenek
“Good morning Admin,
We are the family members of Vera Uloma Ukah, a Batch C 2016 Corp member, deployed to Sapele in Delta State.
Sir, we have not seen or heard anything from her for the past 9days. We equally understand that the primary and secondary schools are on vacation, as such; she should have had some time to visit home on permission from the corp.
Sir, we are not comfortable with the situation as every member of the family has been put in a trembling situation over her sudden desertion. All efforts to connect her on phone has proved abortive following the unavailability of her phone lines for the past 9 days.
We decided to sort for a helpful avenue such as this platform to solicit for the help of your good office to conduct a search for her by using the appropriate channels.
We look forward to hearing from you within a shortest time.
Thanks for your anticipated cooperation.
Yours sincerely,
Samuel Ukah.
(Elder Brother)”
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Champion Bodybuilder Dies After Breaking His Neck While Doing Backflip. Photos

A bodybuilder Sifiso Thabete has died after landing on his head when a backflip he performed entering a competition arena went horrifically wrong .  Sifiso Lungelo Thabete broke his neck after landing on his head. Worried officials raced toward the former junior world champion when he remained motionless on the mat on Saturday.
Sifiso Thabete dies after breaking his neck

The incident was caught on camera and footage showed several people coming to his aid after the initial shock of what happened left the audience stunned.
Thabete — who hailed from Umlazi in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa — had been playing to the crowd before a contest on the weekend. He walked out slowly towards the centre of the gymnasium before breaking into a trot and waving his arms, encouraging spectators to cheer him on.
He ran into the centre of the mat and launched into the backflip before hitting his head. Thabete lay motionless on his side before rolling onto his back.
The first man to attend to him lifted his legs up before several others joined in to help.

South African bodybuilding magazine Muscle Evolution said the bodybuilding community was “shocked and saddened” by the news of Thabete’s death.
The magazine reports he was an International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) Junior World Champion in the up-to 75kg category who recently won an event at the IFBB Muscle Mulisha Grand Prix in July.
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Access Bank Reacts To Porn Video That Appeared On A Screen At Its UNILAG Branch (See)

Nigerian bank, Access Bank PLC, has reacted to the porn movie that appeared on screen of its UNILAG's branch gallery today. According to the bank, if the content doesn't inspire, empower or resonate with you positively, it's not from them.

 Here's the tweet

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Breaking : Another Kidnapper Caught In Lagos Today, Nearly Lynched To Death By Mob (See Photos)

According to a report shared by a social media user,a suspected kidnapper was caught today in Lagos.He was nearly lynched to death by angry mob until officers of the Nigeria Police Force in Ikeja area of Lagos state came to rescue him.

See photos below

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Skye Bank expands digital financial offerings with SkyeXperience , offer customers omni-channel experience

One of Nigeria’s leading and innovative commercial institutions, Skye bank Plc., today expanded its digital financial offerings by launching SkyeXperience, a unique banking solution, the bank said is a display of its commitment to its valued customers who have continued to, not only do business with the bank, but also challenged it on how best they can be served better.

Speaking about solution, the Bank’s Group Managing Director/CEO, Mr. Adetokunbo Abiru said the overriding objective of launching SkyeXperience is to simplify service delivery and personalize the customer experience.

“As a pledge of commitment to a new service charter with our customers, we have decided to render to them this digital banking solution, which we have we called SkyeXperience denoting such positive values as experience, excellence, excitement and experiential,” Abiru told the bank’s customers, stakeholders and the regulator during the unveiling of the solution in Lagos.

According to the Skye Bank’s GMD, “SkyeXperience is today Nigeria’s most advanced digital financial solution that will make banking a hassle-free and provides exciting lifestyle for both the young and the old”.

The unique features of the SkyeXperience digital solution is its overriding benefit of providing for the customer, an omni-channel experience and seamless navigation on multiple platforms. The solution is also self-service - enabling the customer to do several transactions on the go – and to manage time better.

“For our worthy individual customers, who need to pay school fees from their home or office to our SME customers and retail entrepreneurs who need to make instant payments to suppliers and vendors in distant cities, this solution is for you,” Abiru added.

Earlier in his welcome address, the Chairman of Skye Bank, Mr. Mohammed Ahmad said the launch of SkyeXperience is the bank’s own modest contribution towards the economic development of Nigeria, especially in the area of financial technology and digital revolution.

He noted that Skye bank has always taken the lead in terms of digital offering in the financial service space, saying this launch is a response to the needs and expectations of the customers, especially the digital natives who are either caught up or born with technology. “By the unveiling of this new service platform, called SkyeXPerience, we are offering you a smarter way to bank, and a more convenient way to live,” said Ahmad.

Specifically, the Skye Bank Chairman lauded the federal government policy on digital revolution which seeks to achieve 30 per cent broadband penetration by 2018, believing that the SkyeXperience will encourage more Nigerians to embrace the use of technological solutions to attain a more convenient and quality living, irrespective of their social status.
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UNIOSUN Best Graduating Medical Student In Ukraine, Others To Return Home Tomorrow(Photos)

The medical students of Osun State University (UNIOSUN) who recently graduated from the V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, Kharkov, Ukraine will return home tomorrow (Saturday).

This was stated in a press release signed by the Commissioner for information and strategy, Mr Adelani Baderinwa and obtained by Amiloaded correspondent.

It would be recalled that 50 of the 85 UNIOSUN students recently graduated and were inducted as qualified medical doctors after passing the 2017 KROK 2 Ukraine National Medical Exams in June, this year.

One of the medical students, Miss Latifat Abiola Oyeleye was declared the over best medical student of the Karazin Kharkiv National University as well as the 2017 overall best students in the entire Ukraine with an outstanding score of 95.6% in KROK 2 Exams.

The UNIOSUN students were sent to Ukraine by Governor Rauf Aregbesola’s administration to complete their medical studies in Ukraine in 2013 as a result of non-availability of teaching hospital for their clinical studies.

The UNIOSUN Medical students will arrive in Nigeria through Muritala International Airport, Lagos where they will be received by the high powered delegation of the State of Osun Government.

The students will pay a courtesy call on Governor Rauf Aregbesola on Sunday and later proceed to the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital for preparation for the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria’s License Exams.
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UNIOSUN Best Graduating Medical Student In Ukraine, Others To Return Home Tomorrow(Photos)

The medical students of Osun State University (UNIOSUN) who recently graduated from the V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, Kharkov, Ukraine will return home tomorrow (Saturday).

This was stated in a press release signed by the Commissioner for information and strategy, Mr Adelani Baderinwa and obtained by Amiloaded correspondent.

It would be recalled that 50 of the 85 UNIOSUN students recently graduated and were inducted as qualified medical doctors after passing the 2017 KROK 2 Ukraine National Medical Exams in June, this year.

One of the medical students, Miss Latifat Abiola Oyeleye was declared the over best medical student of the Karazin Kharkiv National University as well as the 2017 overall best students in the entire Ukraine with an outstanding score of 95.6% in KROK 2 Exams.

The UNIOSUN students were sent to Ukraine by Governor Rauf Aregbesola’s administration to complete their medical studies in Ukraine in 2013 as a result of non-availability of teaching hospital for their clinical studies.

The UNIOSUN Medical students will arrive in Nigeria through Muritala International Airport, Lagos where they will be received by the high powered delegation of the State of Osun Government.

The students will pay a courtesy call on Governor Rauf Aregbesola on Sunday and later proceed to the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital for preparation for the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria’s License Exams.
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Nairalander's Tour Of Adeleke University Permanent Site Ede, Osun State.

This is the road leading to the University. It is about 20km long and it also leads to The Federal Polytechnic Ede.

pics1: front gate

On getting to the gate we were able to lay hold of a tour guide who took us round. That was after signing the visitor's book of-course.

The inside is another environment entirely. It depicts real wealth and taste.
The road network is superb and so the buildings, faculties, health center...

we have the senate building here, faculty of post graduate studies and health center all built tastefully

The grasses, trees....all well maintained.

Faculty of Art building

We don't have time to enter these buildings....its more of a drive-by. But we were told most of the materials used in finishing up these buildings were all imported...

faculty of law

More pics from the faculty of engineering

More...Faculty of Engineering

More images

Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences.

more pics from the school library
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The Cafeteria....Superb Finishing.

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