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Ice Prince Replies Hushpuppi: Big Dogs Dont Bark!

Nigerian Rapper, Ice Prince has followed on Phyno's mauling of Hushpuppi. The rapper shared a picture of his car side mirror on his instagram and wrote: "Big Dogs Dont Bark ! F@$k is a puppy loud for ? May We all be Successful "

Hell, Too much attention for Hush Hush?


Ice Prince Replies Hushpuppi: Big Dogs Dont Bark!

Nigeria High Court Fines Sahara Reporters N4bn For Saraki Libe

An Ilorin High Court, presided over by Justice Adeyinka Oyinloye on Wednesday slammed a N4 billion judgment against the publisher of popular online newspaper, Sahara Reporters, Mr. Omoyele Sowore, over a series of stories published two years ago by the medium against Senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki.

The judgment affected stories published by the online medium against Saraki between September and December of 2015. The Senate President had, through his lawyer, Babatunde Olomu, asked for the intervention of the court following the publication of series of libellous stories against him by Sahara Reporters. Both Sowore and Sahara Reporters were joined as defendants in the suit marked as KWS/23/2017.

Delivering the judgment, the court agreed with Olomou and granted all the reliefs sought by the claimant in the case. The reliefs granted are as follows: “The sum of N1 billion as general and aggravated damages for libellous words falsely, maliciously and recklessly published by the defendants of and concerning the claimant in the online issue of Sahara Reporters of October 5, 2015 under the caption “Nigeria at 55: Bukola Saraki and 83 Inmates Are Running the Asylum”.

“The sum of N1 billion as general and aggravated damages for libellous words falsely, maliciously and recklessly published by the defendants of and concerning the claimant in the online issue of Sahara Reporters of Sahara Reporters of September 20, 2015 under the caption: “A polished Name for political immorality.

Time for Saraki to Go!”
“The sum of N1 billion as general and aggravated damages for libellous words falsely, maliciously and recklessly published by the defendants of and concerning the claimant in the online issue of Sahara Reporters of Sahara Reporters of November 09, 2015 under the caption: “Bukola Saraki On a shopping Spree to Buy Judges…Stop Being a Clown And A Coward Man Up, face The Music”.

“The sum of N1 billion as general and aggravated damages for libellous words falsely, maliciously and recklessly published by the defendants of and concerning the claimant in the online issue of Sahara Reporters of Sahara Reporters of December 1, 2015 under the caption: “Arms Contract Scandal: Senator Saraki.

Blackmailed CBN Officials To Pay N250 Million Hush Funds”.

“An order for injunction restraining the defendants from further writing, printing or causing to be written, printed or circulated or otherwise published of the claimant the said, or similar libel.

“An order directing the defendants to remove the offending publications from its website on the internet within three days from the date of judgment and an order directing the defendants to publish an apology to the claimant on its online newspaper and in three other daily newspapers.”

Nigeria High Court Fines Sahara Reporters N4bn For Saraki Libe

Igbo Professionals Call For National Referendum

As the debate on national question continues, a coalition of Igbo professionals in Nigeria and the Diaspora under the aegis of Igbo Ekunie Initiative, has called on the Federal Government to organise a referendum to determine the continuity of the country as a united entity.
In a letter addressed to the Acting President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, which was also a reaction to the previous letter written by the Arewa youth to the acting president, the Igbo group urged the presidency to, as a matter of urgency, pass a motion that will allow all sections of the nation campaign for, and hold a referendum to freely determine if they want to remain in Nigeria or not.

In the letter, president of the group, Tochukwu Ezeoke, noted that the motion would serve as a final, peaceful and civilized settlement of the ever-increasing contradictions and bloodletting that has long plagued the nation.

While the tone of the letter commended the Acting President for his statesmanship approach to resolving long-standing issues in the nation, the group disagreed with Osinbajo’s position that Nigeria is an indivisible, indissoluble entity saying, “History has revealed that no nation is indivisible or indissoluble.”

The group goes ahead to fault the threat issued by the Arewa youth, saying, “Nigeria remain subject to international laws particularly the United Nation’s Charter, which recognized the inalienable rights of all groups and indigenous groups to self-determination.”

The letter reads: “While we appreciate the belated recognition of this fundamental rights by the North, we are amused that Arewa youths only just discovered the existence of this right.

“The right to self-determination is a fundamental; integral to the UN since it was founded in 1945. In recognition of this fact, we hope Arewa youths will now have the humility to apologise for the illegal war waged against Biafra, which was abinitio, a repudiation of international laws on self-determination they now acknowledge.”

Igbo Ekunie Initiative also said it hopes the north would apologize for all the incarcerated and murdered members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), ‘whose only crime was the peaceful expression or non-violent demonstrations for their right to self-determination as recognised by the UN and African Union (AU) charters.”

According to the Igbo group, “The quit notice issued by Arewa youths demonstrates the ignorance and consequent failure to realize that residency rights like property rights as governed by international law transcend citizenship.

“Thus Nigerians live in Ghana, America, the United Kingdom and elsewhere even without being citizens. Likewise, British citizens living in other parts of the EU have not left because of ‘Brexit’. “The ongoing developments in the country have once again shown why Nigeria remains the dreg of humanity and a failed state where basic indices of civilization and rule of law are absent.”

Igbo Professionals Call For National Referendum

Ali Baba's Twins, Ejiro And Tejiri Graduate From Pre-Degree Programme

Acclaimed Nigerian king of comedy and actor, Alibaba, took to Instagram to celebrate his charming twins, Ejiro and Tejiri who graduated from their pre-degree programme today.

The day’s celebration is even more special because the young champs crowned it all with with various awards.

True to his nature, the proud father teased that the cost of their graduation gowns are equivalent to his school fees in the university. Plus, the twins (who he comically refers to as Bogof -born one get one free) he adds, won’t let his shoes and suits rest.

Did someone miss the memo that there is joy in sharing?

What did the king expect with grown sons? LOL!

Ali Baba's Twins, Ejiro And Tejiri Graduate From Pre-Degree Programme

Hushpuppi To Phyno: "If Your House Can Buy My Shoes, I Will Give You N5 Million"

So, it all started when Hushpuppi shaded Phyno and Iceprince by claiming they were both wearing fake Patek Phillip wristwatches. That didn’t sit well with Phyno who blasted Hushpuppi by claiming he’s not the type that brags on social media, unlike hushpuppi who rushes to the new media to showcase any little achievement. In the rapper’s post, he made mention of how he built a house for his mum without bragging about it. Now, Hushpuppi wants a picture of the house to see if it costs as much as his shoes, lol.

Hushpuppi To Phyno: "If Your House Can Buy My Shoes, I Will Give You N5 Million"

pictures of on going protest by pensioners in osogbo

 On going protest by pensioners at Olaiya Junction, Osogbo, capital of Osun State.

pictures of on going protest by pensioners in osogbo

Scholarship in germany

Master Scholarship Program for International Applicants At Goethe University in Germany, 2017

The Goethe University is a research-oriented university in the European financial metropolis Frankfurt. As a foundation university, she has a unique degree of independence, urban and cosmopolitan.

The Goethe University is now accepting applications for Master Scholarship program, funded by the Johanna-Quandt-Foundation Frankfurt. German as well as foreign students are eligible to apply for this scholarship program...
Deadline: July 30th, 2017.

Scholarship in germany

Ritualists Arrested In Gbongan Osun State

Police in Osun state arrests Lamidi Adeoye and his three accomplices who specialized in using human parts for ritual and selling to ritualists.

Barely two weeks after two suspected ritualists were arrested in Osun state for being in possession of human parts, the police has again burst a Ritualists’ den in Gbongan, Ayedaade local Government area of the state.

The raid and subsequent arrest of four suspects in a compound where severed human parts were found followed a tip-off by some members of the public who had reported a foul odour at Okeoje area of the town to the police.

Traditional ruler of the town, the Olufi of Gbongan, Oba Adetoyese Oyeniyi called for swift investigation and prosecution of the suspects and anyone found culpable.

The State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Fimihan Adeoye said the command had renewed efforts at combating ritual killings, kidnapping and bringing criminals to justice.

He assured that the investigation was underway to uncover others connected to the crime.



Ritualists Arrested In Gbongan Osun State

5 Signs Of A Childish Adult

There are two types of ages: the physical and emotional age. A childish aduItis basically a person whose physical age is that of an adult, but whose emotional age is that of a child. Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, shares 5 signs of a childish adult.

Looking for Who to Blame

When an aduIt hardly takes responsibility for his/her actions, and constantly looks for who to blame, that’s might be a sign of emotional immaturity in an adult. Typically, when things go wrong children look for who to blame, while adults take responsibility and try to figure out how to fix the problem.

Poor Impulse Control

Children tend to be impulsive when they are hurt or mad – they speak recklessly or take impulsive action without pausing to think about the consequences. AduIts that mimic such behavior when reacting to issues show signs of emotional immaturity. AduIts are typically better at self-control and understand themselves enough to calm themselves and resist the impulse to act before they think in a given situation. This is not to say that adults don’t occasional have ‘slips’, but this happen less with an aduItthan a child.

Immature Defense Mechanisms

One primitive defense mechanism is denial: ‘I didn’t say that!’; ‘I never did that!’, when the individual actually said so. These are immature defense mechanisms used by a child to protect himself/herself or escape tight corners. Another primitive defense mechanism, is attacking or being hostile to anyone who says something different or has a different view from yours. AduIts that have such immature defense mechanisms can to a large extent be considered childish adults. They still have a lot of growing up to do in this aspect.

Need to be Center of Attention

This point speaks for itself. It’s safe to say that an aduItwhose priority is to always be the center of attention still has some growing up to do.

Lack of an ‘Observing Ego’

Emotionally mature adults have outbursts, but what’s different about them is that after their outburst, they soon after realize, with their ‘observing ego’, that their outburst was inappropriate. They can see with hindsight and admit that such behavior was against their value system. On the other hand, children have not yet been able to internalize guidelines for respectful behavior and develop a value system. As a result, they don’t have the ability to judge when their actions are out of line and thus blame others. AduIts whose behaviors are in line with this child like response can be considered childish adults.

5 Signs Of A Childish Adult

5 Ways To Deal With Social Media Backlash

ou do not have to be a celebrity before tantrums are thrown at you on social media. Very few people care whether you are right or wrong, they just criticise. Before you know it, you are at the top of the trends on Twitter. Ironically, what you said may not be as a result of a tweet or Instagram post but an interview. A good example of this is the backlash Falz faced after he chastised some musicians for glorifying Yahoo Yahoo (Internet Fraud) in their songs. Another example is the case of Kemen in Big Brother Nigeria who trended for days because of the encounter he had with Tboss. The impact of these backlashes can be between mild or severe depending on the individual. Hence, if poorly handled, it can escalate into something you never imagined. In line with this, Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency shares ways to deal with social media backlash.

Delete offending materials

If you tweeted or shared a post that is causing quite a controversy, you should delete it immediately. Do not try to be defensive or justify it unless you want it to spiral out of control. Even when it does, you should still delete it. Regardless, trust social media trolls, they would screen grabbed it. Do not mind this. The important thing is that the post should not be found on your handle or page.

Have friends around you

For individuals who face social media criticisms, they should have their friends and family members around them. The fact is they cannot go through this on their own. When the backlash gets to them, all sorts of thoughts begin to get into their head including committing suicide. That is the extent it can push some people. With trusted friends around, you will feel loved despite the shots you are getting on social media.

Leave social media for a few days

There are uncountable trolls on social media who just want to make you feel bad. They reign abuses and curses on you. If you are still with your phone, you may be tempted to reply. You do not need to. Just abandon your social media for a few days and return when everything has died down.

Apologise if you are wrong

To err is human to forgive is divine. In this case, you should not concern yourself about whether you will be forgiven or not, just apologise and move on. Some will even come at you for your apologising.


You can give it the silent treatment and continue with your life. You are getting attention notwithstanding if it is negative or positive. This is easier for celebrities.

See a psychologist

You can also see a psychologist especially if the person’s self-esteem has been battered and shattered.

5 Ways To Deal With Social Media Backlash