Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Osun Fact File: The Coat of Arms

The Government of Ogbeni Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola understands the need for people to know their identity. This shows where you are coming from and your rich heritage. It gives citizens a sense of value, lift their social psyche and motivates them to be patriotic and conduct themselves in a manner expected of worthy citizens
The state was branded and given a new identity. This includes a coat of arms, state flag and anthem.

The two elephants in the Coat of Arms symbolises strength, service and humility. The brown colour emphasises the unity of our skin and the soil. A clear testimony that we own the earth. The cocoa tree symbolises agriculture and the natural resources of the land. The Y on the shield represents River Niger and Benue which symbolise the link between State of Osun and the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The lion stands for Yoruba nobility, dignity and courage while its cushion of ferns represents the traditional lair of an African Lion and the richness of our land. The two symbols of the Chief’s sword (Ida) and The Mace embody the spirit and purpose of Osun. The Sword is the symbol of the Obas while the Mace is the symbol of the Legislative Arm of Government and the power of the common people as expressed by their elected representative. The Ori Olokun stands for the common origin of the Yoruba and their dexterity in technology, while the garland surrounding it symbolises chivalry and triumph. The Timber represents the vegetation as a rain forest zone. The Indigo colour (Aro) of the upper part of the shield symbolizes the common Adire wear in Yorubaland while the Ruby Red colour (Alaari) of the lower part of the shield signifies nobility.
The Motto; Liberty & Service shows this are guaranteed for the people by the government while Justice is moral rightness based on fairness and equity to all irrespective of their status, gender or religion.
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Osun Fact File: Socio-Economic and Cultural Background

The social condition in the state is described by a people loaded with warmth, neighborly, tolerant and pleasing. The social relationship existent in Osun is an or more to the monetary angle since organizations and economy develops in a climate of peace. This bears indigenes and outsiders the chance to complete their business exercises in a helpful situation without savagery and fire related crime.

Being an agrarian express, the nearness of sustenance and money crops pools brokers and artisans to the state and this further aides in the financial advancement .The state is well known for some noticeable markets, for example, Owena, Sekona, Ikirun, Ifon, Odo Ori markets and a mess of others.

The nearness of bungalow ventures gives employments to the virile labor bottomless in the state. The railroad track crossing in the state likewise helps in the monetary advancement through development of products and individuals.

No state in Nigeria is as socially rich as Osun. The state has delivered social symbols like Boss Duro Ladipo, Twin Seven, Nike Craftsmanship Exhibition and the acclaimed Susan Wenger prevalently known as Adunni Olorisa. The state is renowned for celebrations, for example, Osun Osogbo Universal Celebration, Olojo Celebration in Ife, Iwude Celebration in Ilesa. Osun is likewise honored with various vacation spots like the Kiriji War Historical center, Erin Ijesa Waterfalls, Oranmiyan staff at Ife Exhibition hall, Obafemi Awolowo College Zoological Patio nurseries, Ayinkunigba water falls, Mbari-Mbayo Social Legacy, Idi Baba Social Center, Igbo Sango at Ede. These visitors' destinations are potential wellsprings of income era.

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