Sunday, February 12, 2017

Osun Fact File: Brief History

Yoruba custom has it that Ile-Ife in the Condition of Osun is the place Olodumare began the formation of the world. It speaks to the start of life, the origin of human progress, the encapsulation of all that we see or feel. Osun is the familial home of the Yoruba Race whether home or abroad. It is the focal and most vital area of this ethically rich, socially stable and exceedingly complex race on the planet. It speaks to the profound, the physical and the mechanical.
Vision is the pathway and the managing light into what's to come. This was what the establishing fathers and fomenters for the making of a state to be named "" Osun "" had as a primary concern and did everything conceivable to understand the vision. They weathered restriction and stood up to snags for the era past, present and unborn.
The battle for the making of Osun began as right on time as 1950. Around then, the present senatorial areas to be specific Osun West, Focal and some portion of Osun East were subordinate towns under the organization of Ibadan Region Local Expert yet in there assurance to get freedom, customary rulers and nationals of Osun Region presented an appeal to the English Pioneer Organization in Nigeria requesting self-rule for Osun Division, with Osogbo proposed as the central command. To understand their point, they sought after this motivation assist in 1951, when a Commission Of Request was set up the Colonialists, headed by H.L Butcher essentially saddled with researching the emergency in Ibadan Region Local Specialist between Boss Salami Agbaje and Olubadan-in-Board. At this commission, named H.L Butcher Commission of Request, a representation was made by individuals of Osun Territory repeating their resolve for independence. This request was conceded on Spring seventeenth 1951, in this way suggesting self-sufficiency for Osun Area Towns on April first 1951.
The strength and persistence of the establishing fathers and crusaders for the production of Osun was compensated on August 27th 1991, when the organization of Gen Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida made nine states with Osun made out of Oyo State with Osogbo as the capital. It was a fantasy satisfied and trust accomplished. Osun encourages the historical backdrop of a people whose journey for opportunity, self-actualization, assurance and seek after a superior tomorrow battled and won the fight for its creation. It was a fantasy satisfied and trust accomplished.

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