Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Osun Fact File: The Coat of Arms

The Government of Ogbeni Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola understands the need for people to know their identity. This shows where you are coming from and your rich heritage. It gives citizens a sense of value, lift their social psyche and motivates them to be patriotic and conduct themselves in a manner expected of worthy citizens
The state was branded and given a new identity. This includes a coat of arms, state flag and anthem.

The two elephants in the Coat of Arms symbolises strength, service and humility. The brown colour emphasises the unity of our skin and the soil. A clear testimony that we own the earth. The cocoa tree symbolises agriculture and the natural resources of the land. The Y on the shield represents River Niger and Benue which symbolise the link between State of Osun and the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The lion stands for Yoruba nobility, dignity and courage while its cushion of ferns represents the traditional lair of an African Lion and the richness of our land. The two symbols of the Chief’s sword (Ida) and The Mace embody the spirit and purpose of Osun. The Sword is the symbol of the Obas while the Mace is the symbol of the Legislative Arm of Government and the power of the common people as expressed by their elected representative. The Ori Olokun stands for the common origin of the Yoruba and their dexterity in technology, while the garland surrounding it symbolises chivalry and triumph. The Timber represents the vegetation as a rain forest zone. The Indigo colour (Aro) of the upper part of the shield symbolizes the common Adire wear in Yorubaland while the Ruby Red colour (Alaari) of the lower part of the shield signifies nobility.
The Motto; Liberty & Service shows this are guaranteed for the people by the government while Justice is moral rightness based on fairness and equity to all irrespective of their status, gender or religion.
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Osun Fact File: Socio-Economic and Cultural Background

The social condition in the state is described by a people loaded with warmth, neighborly, tolerant and pleasing. The social relationship existent in Osun is an or more to the monetary angle since organizations and economy develops in a climate of peace. This bears indigenes and outsiders the chance to complete their business exercises in a helpful situation without savagery and fire related crime.

Being an agrarian express, the nearness of sustenance and money crops pools brokers and artisans to the state and this further aides in the financial advancement .The state is well known for some noticeable markets, for example, Owena, Sekona, Ikirun, Ifon, Odo Ori markets and a mess of others.

The nearness of bungalow ventures gives employments to the virile labor bottomless in the state. The railroad track crossing in the state likewise helps in the monetary advancement through development of products and individuals.

No state in Nigeria is as socially rich as Osun. The state has delivered social symbols like Boss Duro Ladipo, Twin Seven, Nike Craftsmanship Exhibition and the acclaimed Susan Wenger prevalently known as Adunni Olorisa. The state is renowned for celebrations, for example, Osun Osogbo Universal Celebration, Olojo Celebration in Ife, Iwude Celebration in Ilesa. Osun is likewise honored with various vacation spots like the Kiriji War Historical center, Erin Ijesa Waterfalls, Oranmiyan staff at Ife Exhibition hall, Obafemi Awolowo College Zoological Patio nurseries, Ayinkunigba water falls, Mbari-Mbayo Social Legacy, Idi Baba Social Center, Igbo Sango at Ede. These visitors' destinations are potential wellsprings of income era.

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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Osun Fact File: Brief History

Yoruba custom has it that Ile-Ife in the Condition of Osun is the place Olodumare began the formation of the world. It speaks to the start of life, the origin of human progress, the encapsulation of all that we see or feel. Osun is the familial home of the Yoruba Race whether home or abroad. It is the focal and most vital area of this ethically rich, socially stable and exceedingly complex race on the planet. It speaks to the profound, the physical and the mechanical.
Vision is the pathway and the managing light into what's to come. This was what the establishing fathers and fomenters for the making of a state to be named "" Osun "" had as a primary concern and did everything conceivable to understand the vision. They weathered restriction and stood up to snags for the era past, present and unborn.
The battle for the making of Osun began as right on time as 1950. Around then, the present senatorial areas to be specific Osun West, Focal and some portion of Osun East were subordinate towns under the organization of Ibadan Region Local Expert yet in there assurance to get freedom, customary rulers and nationals of Osun Region presented an appeal to the English Pioneer Organization in Nigeria requesting self-rule for Osun Division, with Osogbo proposed as the central command. To understand their point, they sought after this motivation assist in 1951, when a Commission Of Request was set up the Colonialists, headed by H.L Butcher essentially saddled with researching the emergency in Ibadan Region Local Specialist between Boss Salami Agbaje and Olubadan-in-Board. At this commission, named H.L Butcher Commission of Request, a representation was made by individuals of Osun Territory repeating their resolve for independence. This request was conceded on Spring seventeenth 1951, in this way suggesting self-sufficiency for Osun Area Towns on April first 1951.
The strength and persistence of the establishing fathers and crusaders for the production of Osun was compensated on August 27th 1991, when the organization of Gen Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida made nine states with Osun made out of Oyo State with Osogbo as the capital. It was a fantasy satisfied and trust accomplished. Osun encourages the historical backdrop of a people whose journey for opportunity, self-actualization, assurance and seek after a superior tomorrow battled and won the fight for its creation. It was a fantasy satisfied and trust accomplished.

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Friday, February 10, 2017

Osun Fact File: Ede

Ede is a standout amongst the most prominent antiquated towns in Yorubaland. It lies on around scope 07° 40′North and longitude 04°30′East. It is in the guinea Savannah zone. It is has two neighborhood governments to be specific Ede North and Ede South Nearby Governments. The populace is put at 159,866 as per the 2006 Populace Enumeration

The general population take part in cultivating, exchanging and business exercises are found on an expansive scale in light of the focal way of the town and closeness to real urban communities like Osogbo, Iwo, Ife and Ejigbo.

Ede is essential in the historical backdrop of the State because of the nearness of the Elected Polytechnic, Savior's College, railroad tracks interfacing Lagos and Northern Nigeria, Stream Osun which goes through the town and Ede Water Works that provisions water to around twenty (20) neighborhood governments in the state.

The Timi of Ede is the customary title of the vital ruler and the present Timi is Oba Muniru Adesola Lawal Laminisa I.

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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Osun Fact File: Ejigbo

Ejigbo is a noticeable town in Yoruba Arrive and the central command of Ejigbo Nearby Government Zone of Condition of Osun. Ejigbo is deliberately set amidst the district, as 35 kilometers north-east of Iwo, 30 km from Ogbomosho in the north and 24 km from Ede in the south-east. It is around 40 km north-west of Osogbo, the capital and around 95 km north-east of Ibadan. It is a piece of the Ede North/Ede South/Egbedore/Ejigbo Government Voting public. The populace is put at of 132,641 at the 2006 registration.

Cultivating is the conventional wellspring of economy in Ejigbo. It depends on creation of sustenance products, for example, yam, cassava, cocoyam, potato, maize, guinea corn, cowpea and money crops like cocoa, palm oil, kola-nut, coconut and assortments of natural products. Exchanging materials and imported merchandise is likewise normal in the town

Ejigbo indigenes live in Ivory Drift, Togo, Benin Republic and some other Francophone Nations in this way giving them the chance to communicate in French notwithstanding Yoruba, their primary language. They likewise involve enter positions in some of these nations.

The conventional title of the principal ruler is Ogiyan of Ejigbo.

Ejigbo is home to the School Of Farming, Osun State University.
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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Osun Fact File: Ilesha

Ilesa, a noteworthy city in the Condition of Osun is exceptionally key since it is a noteworthy portal toward the north, south and eastern parts of Nigeria. It is situated on roughly 70 N 50E. A rain woods zone known for its rural possibilities. The significant harvests delivered incorporates cocoa, oil palm, kolanuts, cotton, pumpkins.

Individuals from this part of the state are called Ijeshas and they are known to be exceptionally persevering, enterprising and generally voyaged. Nearby governments making up Ijeshaland incorporates, Ilesa East, Ilesa West, Obokun, Oriade, Atakunmosa East and Atakunmosa West. Significant towns are Iperindo, Ijebu-Jesa, Osu, Esa Oke, Ikeji Arakeji, Owena Ijesha, Imesi Ile, Ifewara and others towns numbering more than two hundred. The aggregate populace of Ijesaland as per the 2006 Populace Registration is put at 620,109.

Ilesa is known to have vast stores of gold in business amounts and different minerals in significant extent.

The customary leader of Ilesa is known as the Owa Obokun of Ijesaland who is the vital ruler and head.

Ilesa is home to the Worldwide Distilleries Restricted, Wesley Organization Healing center, the popular Ilesa Sentence structure School and Osun State School of Innovation, Esa Oke. Vacation destinations in this part of the state are Erin Ijesa Waterfalls, Kiriji War Exhibition hall and the yearly Iwude Celebration.
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Osun Fact File: Ile-Ife

Ife is an old town in Yoruba history and is viewed as the support of human progress. As per Yoruba convention, Ife is the genealogical and profound home for all Yoruba. It is trusted that the production of the world began from Ife. Thus, it is prevalently alluded to as ''Place where there is the Source''.

The Ooni of Ife is the conventional head and is very worshiped among the Yoruba especially and the country by and large.

Officially, Ile-Ife has two nearby governments in particular Ife Focal and Ife East. The base camp of Ife Focal Neighborhood Government is on Ibadan Street while that of Ife East is at Oke Ogbo. The number of inhabitants in the two as indicated by the 2006 National Enumeration is put at 167,254 and 188,027 separately.

Topographically, Ile-Ife lies on longitude 4° 69'E and scope 70° 50′ N.The atmosphere is tropical. Like each other Southwest zone, the stormy season begins April to October while the dry season keeps going October to Spring.

Ile-Ife is home to the Prestigious Obafemi Awolowo College and other critical spots like College Showing Clinic Complex, Ife Gallery of Ancient pieces, Opa Oranmiyan, Okemogun Hallowed place, Oduduwa Royal residence, Zoological Patio nurseries and Odua Altar. The Olojo Celebration, an imperative occasion in the old town holds every year.
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Saturday, February 4, 2017


Osun has a genuinely substantial populace. As indicated by the 2006 National Populace Enumeration, the number of inhabitants in the state is put at 3,423,535. The state is rich in human and material assets.

Verifiable confirmation demonstrates that the Yoruba convention is one of the most punctual and prevailing customs in Nigeria. The general population of Osun are prevalently Yoruba. The state is made out of Osun, Ifes, Ijesas and Igbominas. Their dialect is Yoruba yet there are varieties in sound and complement in over the towns and urban communities.

Business exercises have brought the general population of the state in contact with non-indigenes and outsiders who have received the state as their homes inferable from the quiet way of the general population and pervasive climate.

Osun is socially rich and this can be found in all circles of life, for example, expressions, writing, music and other social exercises in the state. So also, the state is honored with a profoundly educated and verbalize people which makes up a solid and gainful workforce

Being an agrarian state, horticulture is generally polished both at business and subsistence scales and this draws in individuals from outside the state.
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Ikirun is arranged inside the tropical zone with scope 07°55′North and longitude 04°41′E of the Greenwich Meridian. It has limits on the North by Inisha, on the South by Osogbo, on the West by Iragbiji and on the East by Eko-Ende. The town is encompassed by slopes of Oke Afo, Oke Iba and Oke Amola.

Ikirun is a portal toward the northern part of the nation and is additionally key in view of the railroad station exhibit in the town. The indigenes are overwhelmingly ranchers developing harvests inside and outside the town. Exchanging exercises is pervasive in the town accordingly making it economically suitable.

Authoritatively, Ikirun is the central station of Ifelodun Nearby Govt and the populace is 96,748 as indicated by the 2006 Populace Statistics.

The Akinrun of Ikirun is the customary ruler and Administrator Committee of Obas in Ifelodun Neighborhood Government Region of the State. Spots of significance in Ikirun incorporates: Government School, Solidarity School, Igbo Irele, Basetan Surrender and Stream Eko Ende. The town is additionally honored with Streams Osere, Ontoki, Ponjo and Amo.
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Iwo is a rich horticultural range with separation of around 45 kilometers from Ibadan and Osogbo. It has a territory of 245 km² and a populace of 191,348 making it the most crowded Neighborhood Government in Condition of Osun by the 2006 Nigeria National registration figures.

Its agronomically rich preferred standpoint makes it a noteworthy exchanging community for cocoa, kolanuts , foodstuff, yams, meat and timber . The mainstream Odo-Ori advertise in Iwo draws in brokers from inside and outside the state.

Iwo is additionally key in light of the fact that the railroad tracks from Ibadan goes through the town. This helps the business and financial advancement of Iwo and different towns and neighborhood government around.

The Oluwo of Iwoland is the customary ruler and Administrator, Chamber of Obas in Iwo Zone. He is the political and profound head of Iwoland. There are around eighty-one (81) locale towns and towns, each of which is going by a Baale (Area Head) with his Boss, every one of whom are named by the Oluwo as watchmen of culture and convention of the towns and towns in the interest of the Oluwo.

Essential historic points in the old town incorporates, Bowen University, Sharia School of Nigeria, the meeting purpose of Stream Oba and Waterway Osun, a state claimed radio-vision station and the as of late settled Oloba Steers Center.
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Osogbo the capital of Osun lies on directions 7°46′ North 4°34′East with a zone of 47kmsq. As indicated by the 2006 Populace and Lodging Commission Evaluation, the city has a populace of 156,694 individuals. Osogbo offers limit with Ikirun, Ilesa, Ede, Egbedore and Iragbiji and is effortlessly available from any part of the state in view of it's focal nature. It is around 48km from Ife, 32km from Ilesa, 46km from Iwo, 48km from Ikire and 46km from Ila-Orangun.

Osogbo is a business and mechanical focus. This began in 1907, when the English Cotton Developing Affiliation sited an industry for developing and ginning of cotton. The Nigerian Tobacco Organization (NTC) constructed its first processing plant in Osogbo. In this same year, a noteworthy defining moment for the city which helped in its mechanical and business advancement happened. The railroad tracks were developed connecting it to different parts of Northern Nigeria. This pulled in individuals from far and close.

The Ataoja of Osogbo is the customary title of the Ruler and he is the political and profound heads of Obas and Boss in Osogbo and Olorunda Nearby Government Ranges.

Osogbo is popular for the yearly Osun Osogbo Celebration which pulls in vacationers from various part of the world.
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Ila Orangun is an antiquated town and holds prime place ever. It misleads the north east of the Condition of Osun very close to the outskirt with Kwara State on 8° 1′North and longitude 04°54′East. It is the more crowded sister-city (and sister-kingdom) of Òkè-Ìlá Òràngún situated around 7.5 miles (12 km) toward the upper east. Ila appreciates precipitation extending from 45 to 55 inches every year. It is the central station of Ila Neighborhood Government.

Ila-Orangun is an unmistakable, self-sufficient social gathering of Yoruba talking individuals known as the Igbominas. It could be properly expected that Igbominaland is that region of land at present possessed by the general population called Igbomina

Saw-milling is the most widely recognized industry in Ila. Others incorporate carpentry, blacksmithing and welding. Business exercises likewise keep an expansive area of the populace occupied. Well known vacation destinations incorporate the Ila-Oke Spot where an Oba was said to have vanished, the Group Angle Lake and Idi Ogun Oja. The customary title of the Oba is the Orangun of Ila .

Ila have the Osun State College of Education and a State Medical center.
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Friday, February 3, 2017

Obafemi Awolowo, The Father of Modern Government in Nigeria – Aregbesola

Osun state Governor, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, on Wednesday said that the late sage, Chief Obafemi Awolowo is the father of modern government in Nigeria. Governor Aregbesola also said that his government has decided to establish new Local Council Development Areas, LCDAs, in the state in order to consolidate on the efforts of the late Chief Awolowo and Chief Bola Ige.
Governor Aregbesola made the statement while addressing the people of Osun state at the official commissioning of the newly constructed office building of the newly created Ife Southwest Local Council Development Area, in Awolowo town.

The governor said the establishment of new LCDAs was to build on the legacy laid by the late sage who he described as a father of modern government in Nigeria. He said Chief Awolowo had in 1981, introduced the establishment of LCDAs with cardinal objective of making government closer to the people at community levels.
He said: “Besides, the fact that LCDA contributes to the development of the state, its creation also helps foster communal peace and progress among the people at grassroots. The creation of LCDAs is not for fun but rather, a noble intent to make government more nearer to the masses and enhance all-round growth and development.”

In his welcome address, the Council Manager of Ife South West Local Council Development Area, Alhaji Yinusa Olalekan Akande, commended Governor Aregbesola for the dedication of his government to the general well-being of the people in the state.

He said the commissioning of the new LCDA’s Secretariat complex in the town was a clear manifestation of the vision and mission of the Aregbesola government to make life more abundant and meaningful to the residents of the community.

In his remarks, the Chairman House Committee on Education in the State House of Assembly, Hon. Folorunsho Bamisayemi, commended the state government for being supportive of the people of the constituency.

He said the impacts of the creation of the council is being positively felt in the constituency, saying the constituency had benefited immensely from various  government intervention programmes.

Earlier, the Olu of Awolowo town, Oba David Omisore, expressed profound gratitude to the state government for citing the new LCDA headquarters in the town.
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